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Lies of Omission
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Monday, July 31, 2017

Fear, Imprisonment or Death

We know there is a war coming, but very few have thought what that will really be like. And, no one really knows what that will be like, including myself. We don't even know what it is going to start over, or where, so how could we possibly know what it will be like? But, we do have previews from a few recent European-style wars like Bosnia.

There are some folks who have a plan good enough to cover for a number of scenarios. It's good to have food and water. It's good to have some weapons and some planning about when and how to use them. But, that is really the crux of the issue anyway, isn't it? When?

It doesn't matter what we all loved about America way back when, it is not and will never be the same. We have entered some end game from whence there is no escape. If the liberals/commies finally got rid of Trump, a coup, no matter how well disguised or placed in front of the television as a necessary step to save the nation, it will be a coup against conservatives having their say. This is why so many globalist Republicans are up for it. Forget Trump, their rebellion is against the rule of law. It is against accountability and the more they can bring into their game of corruption, the safer they feel. The dangerous part of America today, is being honest.

It was only about a decade ago when Hugo Chavez nationalized the oil fields and the equipment, billions of dollars of rigs and support equipment. That was going to solve all of their economic problems, if they just didn't have greedy gringos sucking all of the funds out of the nation, it would be prosperous and vital. Guess not. This is not exactly where America is headed in every aspect, but it is where it is headed economically.

There are few who read this blog who are dyed in the wool Trumpists, simply because looking toward any political figure as a solution borders on retarded. But, looking toward politicians that would be worse than anything Americans can conceive of and going the other way is completely understandable. So, it doesn't matter who you voted for, if you did at all. This isn't about Trump, but one thing a bunch of people had better understand is that when they overthrow him, it will time to crank up the wreckage machine.

Understand, they are refusing us to have a say, to decide who will or will not enter the nation. These are the people who will quietly open the borders to anyone they see fit and if it goes down in flames the way Venezuela did, they will shake their heads and call it a failure of capitalism, or racism, or republicanism and it wouldn't have happened in a democracy. As stupid as that sounds, you can hear the echoes across the airwaves right now.

People spend way too much time trying to figure out what it all means. You don't have to know what it all means, all you have to know is what it means to you. They aren't trying to topple Trump, because they hate him, they are trying to topple Trump, because he is a symbol of us, the dirt people, the unwashed, the racists (and what they define as racism is white, no other explanation needed). The white Republicans hate us almost as much as the communists/socialist/liberals do. It's hard to tell the difference anymore, they are that far out on a ledge.

This is the last they ever want to deal with a Republican in office, which means they just want us to shut up. As Mike Vanderboegh said in LIES OF OMISSION, "...a collectivist defines peace as the silence of their enemies, through fear, imprisonment or death. That's how they define peace." That is exactly what they have planned, what they have been practicing and it is now time to go quietly into the ditch, or wake the hell up and oppose these petty tyrants.


  1. Its coming, isn't it?
    Not knowing what it will look like makes it difficult to prepare for, but covering the basics and knowing that we are all responsible for our own security is a good start.
    Roll with the punches and counter.

  2. From a month ago +/-
    Trey Gowdy was very,very recently w/this terrorist during a house intel meeting too.

  3. A few short months ago B.O. outed the corp. "church" by requiring them to provide insurance for abortion on demand. they gladly take tax deductions 501c corp. they are altogether the Baals. Forget Korea! When The Father purges his church and makes her clean with fire what do you think that the rest of the world is going to look like? Pray that you may stand in the presence of The Naked Truth and not be burned. how do you prepare for Judgement? To understand the times you must discern the state of Christs Church. You can not serve God and Mammon. Q. how many talents of gold did Solomon receive per year? 666 Count the number. The church(sic) that was very very good has become a whore just like the first temple the second the Garden he planted with people which he destroyed with a flood save for 8 souls. I tremble to be asked what I did with what he gave me friend.

  4. Peace is the absence of resistance to socialism. V. Lenin

  5. Civil War II is now inevitable. Trump was playing for time, but its run out. He was going to wave the flag for awhile and then go back to business as usual, but the money has run out and now he's shopping for a foreign war. Amateur. You cannot expect much from this bunch of boobs. They are too thick and sick to be quick on making up bad mistakes. War is the opportunity to rid yourself of unnecessary dead weight. You may not want it, but at some point a house is too rotted to save and has to simply be knocked down. You may not want War, but its started. Those who do not fight will be killed anyway. You must do what you have to. When attacked you cannot just ignore it. The South Africa th globalists put up is a murder zone. The Boers are facing their bloody end. That will be you soon too. Kill these diseased scum. They are nowhere near as powerful as they make out. If they could they would have disarmed you already. This foreign misadventure shows they are still buying time. Don't give them any.


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