Lies of Omission

Lies of Omission
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Trajectory of Collectivism

There is a reason certain things don't make sense. Here we are, all of us (humans) currently in a moment of time when nothing makes sense. This is always preparatory to war. In other words, things are not progressing in a rational way, but the nature of things have been hijacked and directed to the benefit of only a few.

When nature is progressing it is almost always to the benefit of the greater majority. As example, when the greatest number of human beings are toiling to their own benefit, the future progresses along one line, when those same human beings are being directed to the benefit of only a few, it progresses along another.

For example: the pyramids. The whole of society for generations had to be directed toward the construction of the pyramids in Egypt to create something that immense at that time. The individual slave did not benefit, but the existence of the pyramids have inspired awe and wonder at the society that built them. How many other huge endeavors were inspired by the fact that the pyramids existed in proof of what was possible?

While the average Joe (me) simply wants to take advantage of the opportunities that better life for himself and his family and does work that other people need done in order to make life better for them and their families, the elites look at that life and see waste: effort and time that could better be spent elsewhere to the benefit of (as they see it) of society. That they fail or refuse to see that their vision is selfish and cruel is beside the point.

The elites of today envision themselves modern day Pharaohs willing to enslave us all for their grand vision. What is that vision? Who knows? Who cares? The fact that they feel entitled to redirect our lives to serve their vision is enough for me, because in order to achieve their vision our lives must be redirected through voluntary financial benefit or force and either one will work for them.

The first thing they want to destroy is the concept of individual self-determination; which is the only goal, in my mind, worth pursuing. It is the fact that I see this as the goal and they see it as an obstacle that propels us toward conflict.

Unfortunately, when individuals are concentrated on pursuing their own individual goals of self-determination it creates a vacuum that attracts those who envision aggregating that energy, that resource, as they see it and putting it to use to build a pyramid of their design. So it is an inevitable cycle toward war.

The collectivist is unable to see individuals as valuable, it is only in the aggregate that humanity has any purpose at all. They require that the bulk of humanity be dedicated to their vision and the others, the individualists who cannot be directed, must be eliminated by one method or another. The hive mentality is one indicator of alignment of individualism toward the collective. The more the hive rejects anything that does not benefit the collective, the closer we are to conflict.

Viewing the media and the Congress through this filter lets you know how far along the continuum we have come. The Republicans in Congress are not interested in revering individual liberty, they are focused on adjusting the trajectory of collectivism. To that extent the experiment of the United States has failed. It cannot be fixed. The small doses of collectivism, or individual cooperation, that were necessary to build the infrastructure for extended liberty have consumed the host and the goal of liberty is lost.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Subterfuge of Socialism

If you feel like you are being attacked every time you walk out the door, you are.  The part of freedom that no one born after the 1970's can possibly understand is how much our fellow citizens, at the behest of their collectivist puppet masters, have entered our lives and decided what we were able to say, think and do. This is a direct attack, not on your house, or your car, but on you specifically as a human being.

People like to think about the government as an amoeba, but it is populated by your neighbors, the ones who go to meetings and the PTA. They are the sort of people who lust after a spot on the Home Owners Association board. As I have said elsewhere, the people in power are hardly ever the people who should be. There is a particular mental disorder that seeks power, most of them are rapists and vandals. This is not aimed at cops, but it does not exclude them either.

To a great degree I am talking about the three RINO county commissioners in Custer County, CO, but not only them either. They are a symptom of what has begun as a sneaking communism that Matt Bracken pointed out in Lies of Omission, the Gramscian theory of communism that hides very well inside socialism until, like an ALIEN, pops out of the chest, having consumed the heart of the community.

For far too long the citizens of this nation have allowed the socialist/communist faction to thrive inside this republic and all for some very good reasons to start with, but those reasons are looking worse all the time. One of them is the idea that no matter who put forth the idea of socialism, that no American would ever go along with it, so let them talk, let them destroy themselves. That hasn't worked very well, because there are an incredible amount of idiots and bonus-seekers bred into America through accepting socialist concepts like Social Security and Medicare, two embedded debt bombs just waiting for enough people to gather around before they go off and kill everyone.

What I am getting at is that communism has been allowed to flourish in this nation as some form of benevolent socialism for a hundred years, all the way back to Woodrow Wilson, a president bought and purchased by the big "trusts" of the previous century, without regard to his politics, which were ultimately devastating, because they were intentionally so. Read anything Wilson wrote and you will see the roadmap for how we got here.

Yes, we are all to blame, because we thought freedom was being free, that exercising freedom was the whole point of it all. We walked our own paths, expecting to be left alone, expecting common decency and mutual respect. That made us easy targets for those seeking something for nothing. Our Christian nature of charity handed them another lever to the public treasury. With all the benevolence of trying to mind our own business, we threw the doors open to the Church and the treasury. Is it any wonder that we have been defrauded by communist pastors and robbed by everyone else?

They have slowly backed those who knew how to use freedom into a corner and it's time to come out swinging. Being quiet has not stopped them and to be honest, screaming won't do any good either. What we see when we look out at our lawns and shiny cars is a nation already divided into the payers and the payees. The payees not only want to take everything you have, they are looking for payback for all the injustices of being a payee, short of getting a job or shutting their mouths. They are looking for the people who built this nation and want to make them pay; they want to insult them as much as break their bones.

I bring up Custer County, CO simply because it is a county that is about 80% conservative Constitutionalists and it has been completely hijacked by fraudulent candidates, liberals who know they could not win a seat in the county as a Democrat, so they switch their party affiliation and vote to pass vicious liberal ordinances to confound and demoralize the citizens. That's the mentality we have been dealing with while we tried to pursue the simple pleasure of life without having a confrontation at ever stop we make.

The crux is, one cannot be a socialist and have no agenda, the whole agenda of socialism is communism. That is the subterfuge of socialism; it is a trick and a lie. That just ain't neighborly. When I was a kid I heard one axiom that made a lot of sense, good fences make good neighbors. Maybe today it has to change like everything else. How about this: Good fences and firearms make good neighbors.

And, lest I be too vague, 80% of Repubicans are liberals, socialists and communists, they just don't understand the definition. Our nation has turned into a cesspool of communism, this is a Soviet-style system already, so maintaining the Soviet nature of it does not make one a conservative or even a patriot.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Another Day, Another Wray

Watching Chris Wray answering questions before the Senate confirmation hearing gave me flashbacks to every other piece of work to sit in that chair.  Mueller, Freeh and Comey come to mind.  Who was the FBI Director during Fast and Furious? Mueller.  Who was the FBI Director during the subsequent investigation of the siege at Waco? Freeh. So, we look at that astounding record of incompetence or outright malfeasance and Chris Wray looks no different.

I don't know Wray's history, nor do I care.  The enduring fact is that the FBI is a cesspool filled with cover-ups, withheld information and obstruction of justice.  They have never successfully brought the truth to the American people through all of the scandals that have taken place, it has always been a court of law where wrongful deaths had been adjudicated that brought forth the truth of the Ruby Ridge incident. It was the wrongful deaths being adjudicated that brought out the truth of the Waco siege.  None of this was revealed due to a rigorous FBI investigation.

So, someone like Chris Wray, who had been in the agency during Fast and Furious, Clinton's treasonous email sieve, leaving all sorts of classified information open to enemy discovery and willing dupe sitting idly by while Mueller goes after Trump(ed) up charges of Russian collaboration while clear and intentional collaboration between Ukraine and the Clinton campaign were ignored by the agency, does not inspire confidence.

During the hearing there were plenty of opportunities for Wray to put Democrat Senators on notice that when and if he is confirmed that he would pursue any and all charges of collaboration with a foreign state or state actors, regardless of political affiliation, but instead, he lent credence to the notion that somehow, somewhere there might still be evidence of Russian collusion on behalf or to the benefit of Donald Trump.

When America could use a little sanity and a little justice in the Justice Department, Wray seems like just another suit ready to play ball with those willingly trying to destroy this nation, to pursue a Barack Hussein policy of cultural self-destruction.

Now is the time for some hard truths, some revelations of wrongdoing in the FBI, a sort of come to Jesus moment for which he seems completely incapable. The FBI has been destroyed by scandals and government corruption. Understand, the last Director, it is now known revealed classified information in memos designed to get an independent investigator to look into the faux scandal of Russian collaboration with Trump.

We have seen this dog and pony show already. The question really is not where Sessions and Rosenstein came up with Wray, but whether or not they had a choice of anything other than Wray or a Wray-like figure, who admitted during the hearing that he was listening very carefully for Trump to suggest something inappropriate in exchange for his nomination. What sort of garbage is that? That is someone who considers themselves above the President, who is motivated to restrain or restrict the President's wishes and blame his "inappropriateness" on Wray's insubordination or perhaps even betrayal. That's not the sort of thing that gives one comfort. We have already had enough of these self-serving directors who willingly betray the American people for political points.

This is what is wrong with the entire federal government. None of them carry any sense of responsibility to the American people. They will protect their buddies in the agency and withhold evidence of criminal behavior from the public. They do it in the IRS, the FBI, the ATF, the NSA, etc, etc. Since this is so obvious to anyone paying attention, it is time to get to the bottom of some of the scandals of the previous administration, to restore some sense of accountability, but Wray won't do it and the public is left to just consider them all a bunch of crooks and gangsters with badges.

But, I guess, it is their credibility and if they want to destroy it's up to them. But, having already done that to a great degree, they must just not give a whit what the public thinks of them.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

This Is Diligence

What is the price of liberty? Diligence. Nowhere is this more evident than in Custer County, CO where liberty, Second Amendment rights and freedom are jealously guarded by the people who have watched their sleepy mountain town become overrun by liberal shopkeepers and politicians. But, they are fighting back.

Our nation, meaning our backyards, is awash with Gramscian collectivism. Gramsci understood that the leadership of the nation was not as important as the leadership of the school board. This is an idea that has taken root in America. Yes, it's nice to have the governor collaborate with ones efforts to subvert the concept of individual liberty, but it can be done in so many other ways that are more effective.

We are so far down this road it is almost impossible to see clearly at this point. Why is there forced recycling? Why have Homeowners Associations been so popular? On one hand yes, no one wants to live next to a dump and the idea of city ordinances are appealing to protect the property values of others in the neighborhood, but that is just the starting point. Through city ordinances patriotism can be effectively outlawed, through school boards history can be changed and manipulated to serve the goals of the collective.

Eventually, as in Custer County, CO, there is an ordinance concerning "light pollution" where the three RINO county commissioners, having been elected on the pretext that they were Republican conservatives, revealed themselves as the all-controlling collectivists that they are when they passed the ordinance that made it illegal to fix an outdoor light in an effort to eradicate "light pollution."

Keep in mind, this is a rural mountain county, where bears and other dangerous wildlife roam the hills. Rural areas are often the target of criminals from the cities, or drug addicts looking for quick score who recognize these areas as vulnerable due to lack of policing and the fact that they most likely contain several firearms necessary to defend ones property and lives. What on earth would they need a yard light for?

But, this is typical collectivism. It makes no logical sense until one realizes that control is the real issue, not light pollution (which is a stupid concept in itself) or any other cause. It is conditioning toward the collective authority rather than individual liberty. It is the same with cities and utilities, who make deals with high-priced "green energy" concepts knowing that it is not their money that is being pledged. They merely raise taxes and fees to cover whatever inefficiency and expense that accompanies these obligations.

It is about removing the concept of the citizen, or the subscriber to have a say in how their money is spent, or what level of service to expect. Look for any point of control and you will find a collectivist at the table. They really like the positions where they might extend their middle finger to those who pay their salary. That is the collectivist cherry.

In Custer County, they may have jumped the gun, because Ann Bathrop and Ann Willson have begun a recall petition for all three RINOs over their actions since all three collectivists arrived on the commission and began to pursue their collectivist agenda including the ordinance against "light pollution." This is a clever recall, because it can effectively replace the County Commissioners during a regular election, avoiding the cost to the county of a special election.

This is diligence.

The mother and daughter dynamic duo were not political experts and relied on the counsel of a lawyer and a great deal of research into both state and county regulations regarding recalls, what papers to file, how to get the questions on the ballot and with whom to replace the offending officials. As far as anyone knows it is the first time that all three County Commissioners have been recalled during the same election. But, they have a lot of petitions to distribute and a lot of signatures to collect before this is a done deal, but it is a pleasure to see Claire Wolfe's concept of taking back our own freedoms playing out in this mountain community.

When I go to Westcliffe, I rely on George Gramlich to let me know which businesses are run by "friendly" proprietors and which are not, because there is no sense giving my money to someone who would enslave me and serve that enslavement up with an extended middle finger. When I was there last, I had the pleasure to meet the two Anns and discuss with them their project. I offered, that if I lived there, I would be happy to take the petitions around on my crutches if I could.  

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Loss of Big Ideas

What is the cost of socialization; of regulation; of Stalinization? Consider for a moment how many government agencies were created just in your lifetime. Consider also that from around 1900, a bit before and a bit after, the internal combustion engine was created, electric automobiles, steam automobiles, the airplane, electric lights, the telephone, indoor plumbing, etc, etc, etc all the way up to nuclear weapons and Nasa rockets in the 1960's. Even the television and the internet were invented before 1970 even if the internet was in a very basic form. The silicon Chip was even invented in 1961.

What has been created since 1970? No new propulsion systems. Even the hydrogen fuel cell either works with an internal combustion engine or creates electricity to power the automobile. What has happened to that great entrepreneurial spirit? That creativity? Are we to understand that the only thing we have been able to develop in the nearly same 60 year period after 1960 are government programs? Everything we have today was invented before 1970.

Okay, yeah, we have made the telephone much smaller and have been able to combine it with the internet, but it is still either one or the other. They are developments of the same old ideas. All we have done is embellish.

Here's what I think and I have no empirical evidence of this, just a sense that all of the brains and creativity that once were the hallmark of the Western cultures have been co-opted to serve the manipulation of those cultures. They have gone into the "green" industries, but still have never been able to make anything really work, because they are not designed to work, or solve any particular problem, they are designed to plunder the treasuries.

What do wind generation or solar generation really accomplish? They displace workers, because it is not enough that we have solar or wind energy, but that we stop using fossil fuels which require massive amounts of human labor. Robotics? Eliminate workers. The idea is to bankrupt as many people as they can, so that they are reliant on government benefits. It is a means of slavery.

What are the globalists doing? Building bomb shelters.

What have we lost since they have been engaged in this diversion of talent? The big universities are much more interested in defining new genders than finding a new means of propulsion. Entrepreneurs are all looking for the next hot app, instead of the next mode of transportation. Scientists are trying to figure out how to get to Mars, or how to cure ED.

Where are the big ideas? It's almost as if bringing Western civilization down is of much greater importance than doing something remarkable.

Some say that alien technology fueled the 1960's and we have exhausted that reservoir of innovation. Others say that saving the planet is of much greater importance than any other source of innovation.

I think it is a bit more simple. The massive regulations imposed on industry have stifled almost all of the individual inspiration. Either through corporate protectionism or government regulation there really is no way to pursue big ideas.

Maybe, we are just getting too stupid or high to innovate. But, those are within the realm of societal manipulation. The average child in school is only allowed to repeat the mantras of their captors. Innovation comes from independent, creative thinking, unbridled dreaming with the real possibility of pursuing some vision to ultimate financial reward.

No, I don't have any answers or even know if I understand the real issues at play. What I do know is that nothing has been developed or created that has changed our world in the decades between 1970 and 2017 and that has left us stranded in 1960, rehashing old rivalries, hatreds and prejudices and finding ways to damage each other.

We are drugged, distracted and self-absorbed while the world is being remade socially and culturally to our detriment. Our demise is being orchestrated, not just the Western cultures, but all of them, because eventually we will wind up going at it with each other and decimating the populations of every nation, leaving those who have been trying to achieve the same thing through abortion and wars to reap the benefits of a massively depopulated world.

I know everyone has their own idea about what is going on and who is doing it, the Bilderbergers, or the Illuminati or whatever. All I know is that their plan is about 20 moves beyond anything we doing to stop it.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Westcliffe July 4th and DVD Update

I will be attending the Westcliffe, CO 4th of July parade along with other open carry advocates. This event will be in honor of Mike Vanderboegh and is just a good idea, even if Mike was not your cup of tea. Strong personalities often attract and repel at the same time, but there is no denying that Mike did a lot for spreading the word of liberty and freedom. Meet me there if you can, I'll be the guy on crutches.

In other business, the DVD of Lies of Omission will be coming out in the next few weeks. We tried for June, but with my accident it just took much longer to get things lined out and taken care of, so I appreciate everyone's patience. The thing you can count on is that it has gotten its final edit and it is just now a matter of getting the files to the DVD duplicators and then getting them to the fulfillment center and listed on Amazon. We are going to stick with Amazon as a sales portal and save VOD release for a later date.

As you can imagine as a first production we have gotten very little interest in distribution, so, initially anyway, we are going to have to distribute it ourselves. This means that when you get your DVD we would greatly appreciate any social media buzz you can create with your comments. There are roughly 250 DVDs that will be going out in our initial perk mailing. I can't give any dates for this until I get an estimate from the duplicators.

I don't know how successful we are going to be at getting this accepted by large outlets, since we don't have the luxury of some well connected distributor, but what we do have is a specific market to approach. Half of the voters in this country voted for Trump, but they were really voting for the values that are expressed in this film. There are a lot of people who would enjoy this film, if they knew about it. That is the next challenge.

We have stopped all of our fundraising efforts, the people in this community have been very generous in that respect and we appreciate it. Credit is given in the credits for the film for the efforts of this community. Perhaps our next project will be self-funded, but a lot of that will depend on the sales of this one, of course. We are trying to build a self-sustaining enterprise for the distribution of these ideas.

We need to think out of the box on getting this DVD in the hands of as many people as we can. Yes, advertising is part of it, but that is a little bit down the road. We will be contacting everyone we know in the media and doing the sorts of things normally done by a distributor, but any help we can get from people who have seen the DVD will be very important as well. Social media, as much as I have detested it and disrespected it, hype on Facebook and Twitter do a lot to raise the awareness of a project like this. Repeated tweets and posts about the film will go a long way if we can extend that to those who have seen it and liked it.

Thank you for all of your support.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Error of Civility

Susan Collins, Senator from Maine just tweeted that the three branches of government and the media need to be civil. Well, that's the problem, even senators consider, in some way, the media to be a part of the government. That is evident in more ways than one, it is why Republicans often betray their own base, their own constituents in order to pander to the press, to appear to be good, cooperative people at a time when the media is trying to inspire assassinations of opposing politicians.

Civility is something arrived at through mutual respect and a sense of decency, something of which the collectivists are incapable. Their whole program requires the destruction of traditional American values. They couch that in a reach all the way back to the founding, as irrational to the rest of their arguments as that is. When it comes to the Constitution, it is a rag, something we as a people have overcome and put behind us, until they decide to attack Trump with it.

The call for civility is a call for surrender, because it is only the right that understands it. The collectivists work against every sense of civility. It is their tactic to assault civility, to thrust their hedonism in the faces of Christians, to attack the traditional marriage by expanding the definition into meaninglessness.

I see no reason to be civil to those who profit on the deaths of hundreds of thousands of unborn; who clamor for the assassination of the President; who actively promote the annihilation of white people and couch their racism in some sense of reparations for the acts of white ancestors. As sick and evil as I viewed the Obama Administration for its actions in targeting conservative groups with the power of the IRS or the deaths of thousands of Mexicans during Fast and Furious, a planned, designed policy to let them die at the hands of drug dealers directly armed by the feds, I never even considered the answer to these acts would be assassination. Those are the thoughts of thugs and criminals, especially because they have used it.

This is the error of civility. While the right has continued to pursue a civil discourse with what can only be considered a death cult of the left, civil rights have disappeared, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association have all but been eradicated. It is a stupid, one-sided game encouraged by those on the right, who have actually aligned themselves with the left and use the concept of civility as bludgeon against their own side. It is an act of fratricide.

If ever there was a political condition in the United States where incivility were the appropriate response, it is now. The collectivists, especially the media, is on open warfare against the very principles of the republic. Their goal, their rally cry is a turn toward communism. It is reflected in their Democratic convention where the hammer and sickle flew in the absence of the stars and stripes. There is no dispute about this, except by the office holders who occasionally have to raise their hands and swear allegiance to a system they are determined to destroy.

Civility is reserved for those who deserve respect, to offer it to the base, crude and rude is an error and a denial of its very value.

Friday, June 23, 2017


Custer County, CO has long been a beacon of liberty in this country, not just Colorado, because the citizens there have taken back their own liberty, have established that crucial cooperation between armed citizens and law enforcement, have realigned their county commission to reflect their political views and have established their own rival "conservative" newspaper to speak to the majority. All of this in a town of about 800 people.

Custer Country, is, in a lot of ways, a model of what should be taking place across the nation. We all know that the local papers pursue a liberal agenda, even if they are deep in conservative territory. I imagine they believe themselves the agents of illumination in the darkened areas of rural America. Or, they are simply evil collectivists pursuing their agenda in an attempt to eradicate any tendency toward capitalism, freedom and self-determination. It doesn't matter what motivates them, the result is the same.

George Gramlich and Custer County have fought back and even when one tells themselves that "we can't vote ourselves out of this" that cannot be used as a reason to do nothing at all. As you will see in the article in the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel, electing "Republican" county commissioners does not always do the trick, because collectivists operate in the world with deception, intrigue and force.

George Gramlich has been a force in Custer County in many ways, eventually starting the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel to counter the collectivist swill coming from the local paper. George did what few others have had the vision to do and challenged the collectivists directly. He was instrumental in swinging the County Commission from liberal to conservative, only to be sold out by the communist tactic of deception. When the newly elected "Republican" commissioners got a chance to act, they revealed themselves as collectivist proxies. The collectivists do this, because they know they will not get a Democrat elected.

This is the part of the equation so many in the liberty community fail to understand, embrace or act upon. There is only battle, on every front, or surrender. This is why I have aligned myself with people like George and encourage and assist his efforts in any way I can. It is part of the reason we held the "works in progress" screening in Canon City. I might agree that "there is no voting our way out" but what I see all too often is total surrender.

Claire Wolfe is a huge proponent of this sort of activism, taking back liberty one county at a time, because it is our communities that matter. What goes on in D.C. affects us, no doubt, but without flushing the whole city, there is no stopping the egregious abuses. But, what happens in our own communities affects us more and we do have the ability to do something about that, if we will do it.

Elections are an expression of intent, nothing more. The real work, the hard work, is in holding those elected accountable for their actions. This is what Custer County is engaged in now, they will work to recall those elected officials who used subterfuge to get elected only to vote counter to their promises. And, yes, start the process all over again, but we only have RINOs in this nation because the citizens don't have a plan for that betrayal and we've seen it enough to expect it by now.

On the 4th of July, Westcliffe, in Custer County, CO, will hold their annual open carry contingent in the parade. It is a great opportunity to show those collectivists in the county that the right to keep and bear arms will not be infringed. This year it will be dedicated to the memory of Mike Vanderboegh, who attended one of these events in the past. In a town of 800, there were 400 open carry individuals in the contingent due to Mike and his participation.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One Possible Solution

The media is clamoring for Donald Trump's head figuratively and in some cases literally as in their wide publicizing of a play depicting the assassination ostensibly of a Trumplike Caesar or in the more grotesque depiction of Kathy Griffin holding up a severed head. This is not just media publicity, this has gone to the point of advocacy for the assassination of a sitting president.

There is a significant difference between the actions of a few misguided individuals threatening to assassinate Barack Obama and the open hostility and encouragement of the assassination by the loudest voices in the nation. It is what Matt Bracken calls, in the film Lies of Omission, "ginning up furor and fervor among the loose wingnuts out there" for the assassination of Trump.

Now, whether it is the media clamoring for Trump's assassination, or the leftists judges ruling unconstitutionally to deny Trump the power of the presidency, or the collectivists of both parties trying to challenge every action of the president and pursuing impeachment options, it is all designed simply to deny a legally elected president the power of the presidency. They don't mind if he holds the office, or lives in the White House, what they will not allow is for him to fulfill executive duties.

This is treason, but it is much more than that, it is the initial stages of a civil war, because if they think they are going to be able to run Trump out of town on a rail with no consequences they are sadly and destructively mistaken. These are actions being taken against the system, not just Trump. They have a narrow focus on a single man, but they forget that Trump has millions and millions of followers and even more that recognize this violation of civil society as treasonous and who will join with the Trumpsters, whether they ever agreed with him or not, because it is a very dangerous precedent that cannot be allowed to succeed.

Those whom we elect must be allowed to fulfill their duties, or there is no use in voting.

The dynamic is simply this: Donald Trump was elected because Hillary Clinton is the head of a criminal organization and because the traditional Republican voter had been sold out by establishment Republicans one too many times. So, they chose the one person who was actually talking about defending this nation, protecting the borders and helping the private sector create jobs. That's why he was elected and it is what the people wanted him to do. To deny him the ability to do what they had elected him to do, they place themselves in the position of advocated for the opposite.

If one were to ask what would have to happen to have a civil war in the United States, the answer would be: "prove that a great many of the people of the nation have no interest in its security, prosperity or adherence to the rule of law. It would have to be proved that voting no longer produced an outcome that the people could rely on to make the changes they sought. It would have to be demonstrated that half of the nation would never find justice or get a fair hearing in any social setting."

Take all of the legitimate means of change off the table and there remains only one possible solution: war.  

Thursday, June 8, 2017


After a few weeks of surgeries and spending some time at my mothers house, which was closer to the hospital and the orthopedic surgeon than my place, I am finally home. I still have a considerable splint wrapped in gauze and a  pound or two of metal in my leg, but I am home.

I have always been a bit too prideful when it comes to being independent and self sufficient, that has been brought back to me in spades while I deal with this injury, unable to carry things with crutches; steps, once taken two at a time are now daunting challenges even one at a time. It is difficult watching my mother and my wife do for me the little things that keep me off my foot. I watch my wife do all the chores I used to take in stride, but now seem like mountainous achievements.

Yeah, I can get around, but it is humbling.

But, now that I am back at home and have access to the sorts of things I can do, I will be getting back to the film. Hundreds of people have given to this endeavor and they deserve to have me back at work. We have at least been accepted for the Impact DOCS Awards. We have submitted to a few other film festivals, but no word on those, yet. We have submitted to NPR's POV series, because my attitude is, give them a chance to prove their bias, it doesn't cost us anything to submit the film to them. There are many other things in the works, floating out there, waiting for me to get back in the game, so tomorrow I will be doing that.

The reason this is important and why, when those who have donated get their copies of the film it will be important to spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, is that part of what is discussed in the film is Fast and Furious. This is a scandal, the perpetrators of which have never been punished, the crimes committed never revealed to the general public. Lies of Omission is more than a film, it is a chance to revive interest in some of the scandalous actions of government that have gone by a blind media. But, a film is different, it has the power to bypass the media. Dinesh D'Souza proved that with his films and while this might never be that big, it still has that power to sidestep a hostile media.

And, I think that's what must be presented to the next generation, that the media is actually hostile to anything other than the collectivist drumbeat. No, Lies of Omission is not a hate-filled finger pointing diatribe, it is a rational description of how liberty has been lost, by who and why. It is told by those who have been in the fight, who have exposed scandals and who have struggled in anonymity to stand up to the forces oppression.

Things are moving fast in America, the media, the deep state, the warmongers are aligned against us. Yes, they focus on Trump as if getting rid of him is the answer, but what they are really against are the people who believe in what Trump has stood for, responsible immigration, lower taxes, less regulation, responsible budgets, a government not dedicated to the enslavement of the people. Trump himself is not the issue, though they pretend that he is. They are against the people who voted for him and are trying to reverse those votes. This is an organized rebellion. And, while this is not news to anyone, it is a fact and Lies of Omission is a weapon against these forces.

Friday, June 2, 2017


There is a division of the nation that cannot be repaired. While the media pretends that everything it does is out of concern for the nation, it is really out of concern for the advances toward collectivism that have been made under Barack Obama that piques their concern. The way that the media and the "deep state" cooperate to maintain those collectivist advances is startling, or would be, if anyone reported on it.

Understand that everything that has gone on since the election of Donald Trump has been to deny him the presidency, not so much the office, but the power of the office. This was evident when federal and appellate judges ruled against a clear and logical power of the President concerning national security when he signed executive orders to ban individuals from certain nations from coming to the United States largely because those individuals could not properly be vetted as to previous criminal or terrorist activity.

It is evident when certain cities refuse to obey federal law and governors and mayors openly vow to violate federal law to prevent Donald Trump from enforcing immigration laws.

It is evident when investigations into illegal acts of FBI and CIA directors, former Attorney Generals are ignored by the media and evidence withheld by the "deep state" actors while

This is more than just a difference of opinion, it is more than opposing Donald Trump as an individual. This is a rebellion against the republic in favor of a collectivist system, a government ruled society. In this nation, no matter how slim the vote totals, no matter how close the electoral college vote, whoever emerged as the President of the United States, was vested with all of the obligations, duties and power of the office.

This is an attack on the legitimacy of the election by a number of "deep state" actors determined to defend themselves from illegal actions committed under the Obama Administration. It is not a question of Donald Trump at all, except that it reveals the degree of corruption and collusion that exists between the establishment Republicans and Democrats to operate the offices of the American justice system to the detriment of the American people.

This collusion has grown into a hostile opposition to any elected official who attempts to disrupt the ongoing illegal activities of these "deep state" actors. They enlist the willing assistance of the media to demonize elected officials who seek reform. They use the media and the power of their offices to marginalize and demonize individuals who might expose their scandals or their illegal activities.

This is not to unprecedented or new by any means. What is new is that it is now open and in operational form. It is being used on a daily basis as a weapon against an "uncontrolled" President, one who has not been bought off and manipulated by the system. In a lot of ways, it is important for this president to engage this underground government and expose it for what it is: treason.

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Formula

To those who have asked and who are praying for my recovery, let me say thank you. It is difficult, I won't lie. Something about having your foot broken off is not an easy thing from which to recover, but as I lay in my bed awaiting my next surgery, hopefully on Thursday, I am not sulking in my bad fortune, but rather recognize this as a Memorial Day reflective pause.

I consider myself extremely fortunate that I have family around to help out. My mother and wife have been invaluable to me, not just now, but in all of my life. I feel like a burden and keep my requests as few and far between as I can. But, also, I think of our veterans who have suffered much more than I will ever suffer. I am not lying in a VA hospital with its infamously poor care and rationed care (basically Obamacare). I am not in Afghanistan or Iraq, thousands of miles from people who value my presence. My foot will be screwed back on (one bone left) and I will walk on my own feet again. This is much more than many of our veterans will be able to say.

And then, as I lay here, I think of what we have done to the nation for which these brave veterans have sacrificed life and limb and I am ashamed. It doesn't matter how much I have tried to preserve the liberties so casually shrugged off by our leaders and our citizens as well, I have failed to preserve them.

While visiting David Codrea, just prior to my accident, I talked of the film Lies of Omission with his boys. We talked of the value of liberty, of how if the leaders had ever once tried to defend these liberties what different lives they might be living. They, logically and intelligently, asked if it were not too late for a film like Lies of Omission to have any impact. Okay, they have me there. I had to admit that I didn't know, perhaps, but it was not too late to impart the value of those liberties and the need for young people like them to understand the efforts that have been undertaken to preserve them.

Ultimately, when there is a decision to be made as to what sort of society comes after this one, those that will offer anything other than virtual enslavement will be those societies who recognize that no matter how ill-defended, or how easily alienated, the society that values those liberties will be the one to build the strongest, most prosperous society.

Initially, yes, the most evil, violent and dictatorial society will flourish in the chaos, but it always comes down to who is fighting for what. Those fighting because they must, because they will be strung up by their officers if they don't will never fight as hard as those who fight for themselves, their lives and their dreams. Promising liberty at the end of the slog will always drive soldiers harder than the promise of punishment for failure. These are two completely different dynamics.

So, yes, we must own up to the fact that at this point in time we have failed to secure liberty to ourselves and our posterity. That those sent out to fight for freedom over the centuries have been betrayed by the insufficiently patriotic at home. That we have willingly allowed all they fought for to go undefended against the usurpers and dedicated destructionists of liberty at home.

But, anything as diseased as the system of corruptocracy that we endure at present cannot last. It will fall of its own weight, bankrupt by its own corruption, but we will always have a set of principles that can spring liberty back to life at the first opportunity. It is not so much the words on paper that will bring liberty back to life, but the understanding that within individual liberty lies the power to propel 13 small colonies to the pinnacle of world power in 200 years. That is the lesson they cannot obscure with all of their regulations and pronouncements that hobbled that innate power until it succumbed to top-heavy bureaucracy. Liberty will always produce the engine. It is a formula lying out there to be put to work whenever enough people come together to utilize it.  

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Last American Presidential Election (Repost)

Reposted from 7/27/16

It should be obvious to anyone now that this will be the last presidential election in America as it exists.  With Republicans voting to nominate a non Republican as a middle finger to the GOP establishment, who, after the 2014 election gave the middle finger to their own political base and the Democrats so utterly bankrupt as to nominate someone who should be in prison the bloom is off the rose.

There is no hiding it now.  These are two political parties in the process of self-destruction.  In an effort to win political power they have created impossible and conflicting constituencies.  To the political observer it is amusing and would be hilarious were it not for the dire consequences to society as a whole.

It is a political season that encouraged Bernie the socialist to develop a proletariat army, demanding socialism at any cost.  It has exposed the media as the party hacks they have always been and there is more exposure to come as the media, not Hillary, is the real target of Donald Trump, but he is savvy enough to implicate and indict both.

The Democratic convention is nothing more than a rally cry for communism, complete with the hammer and sickle flag waving in the crowd.

Most by now should realize they are being asked a question: Which side are you on?  Some will not understand the question, but enough will and whoever wins, wins nothing, but a nation at war with itself.  This is not so much a civil war as it is a cultural free for all.  A no-holds-barred wrestling match in the streets of America.

Black Lives Matter has empowered the harshest racists to step into the spotlight and proclaim hatred as their creed, as evil and ignorant as the KKK ever was.  This is the banner and the message of the Communist/Democrat Party. The Palestinian Flag-waving anti-Semites step to the fore.  They have been accustomed to persecuting the Christians and now they have decided to branch out with their hatred for anything traditionally American.  Yes, they hate America, so much so that until shamed into it, did not even produce a single American flag at the Democratic Convention.

So, we know the communists in the Democratic party hate America while asking Americans for their vote, so the vote is clearly permission to do what any good communist nation would do, destroy America.  They speak of doing away with what is left of the Constitution with relish.  They hate America and detest the document that founded it.  How else are we supposed to interpret their ultimate victory other than as open hostility to the founding?

With this understanding, is that not the long-anticipated moment of insurgency? Is that not the moment when the battle lines are clear?

Electing Trump is a different answer to the same question.  Is that it?  This is who we have as a president?  Does he even have any leanings toward conservatism or the Constitution?  No, not really.  Donald saw what Barack Obama was able to do and is a little envious of that sort of power.  Do we get soda size legislation?  Or game show policy?

No matter who wins, or even if there is no election at all due to martial law, it is over.  It is the moment when the vast majority of Americans realize what many of us have known for a long time, that the United States is dead and it's time for the next system to rise.  By the end of this election, the question will be unmistakably asked and answered.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sometimes, You Deserve It

My duty was to deliver a DVD of Lies of Omission to Larry Pratt, then, on the way to the screening on May 20th in Canon City, CO, I wanted to stop by David Codrea and one of our producers Eben Hawkins. Eben has been a stalwart and a dedicated part of this film. I looked forward to meeting him and talking about the film, letting him have his say as to what he thought could be better.

Eben and I spent some time roaming the hills where he lives, checking out coal mines and oil wells. A new puppy was being brought along on behavior, we had some breakfast and watched Lies of Omission. Some constructive criticism was exchanged and finally, we parted ways.

I called to see if David Codrea would be able to see me and watch the film. When he responded that he would I headed in that direction, a few hours further on and I arrived at his house. We had some single-malt and  a great conversation with his two bright and inquisitive sons. It was one of those evenings that stay with me long into my life.

So, as I headed to Colorado, feeling pretty sure that I was going to make it there in plenty of time to do some last minute "get out the vote" campaigns to drive people to the Screening we had set up. It all seemed pretty good, the film had been positively received by Eben and David and Larry hadn't had time to view it yet. I was still thinking about the phone call David made for me that put me in touch with Mark Walters of Armed American Radio, when the sun started to break over the flatlands in Eastern Colorado.

Now, I had been aware of a cold front, a snowstorm bearing down on Colorado that weekend and I had made phone calls to see how it "really" was where I was heading. But then, I was caught completely by surprise by a frozen over, Hwy 24. In less that 2 miles it went from basically dry road to a complete sheet of ice.  And, while I was able to maintain my vehicle on its path, the person approaching me did not. The minivan broke free in the back and the front end came pushing into my lane. There was no time to stop anything or swerve out of the way. There was time to brace for impact, which is what I did.

A few seconds later I was sitting in a wadded up Chevy Malibu with a broken leg, now when I say a broken leg, that isn't completely accurate. The fact is, my foot had been broken off of my leg. held in place by my boot and jeans, but there was a definite "C" shape just above my ankle that went halfway up my shin. The Tibula and the Fibula, both are necessary to hold your foot on and mine were broken off.

I don't know why this happened, all the minute decisions that went into me being on that piece of road at that time are incalculable. That whole day, when I normally drive straight through, was filled with hems and haws and delays. I stopped to sleep about 5 times, something I usually don't do, but maybe once or twice. I decided, by the looks of the road, that it would be safe to get off the interstate at Hwy 24 and go the easier, less traveled route.

Nothing ever answers the plan God has for us, all the second-guessing in the world never quite produces a satisfactory answer. Here is what I know right now, it will be close to 5 months before I will be able to put weight on my foot. What does that mean? Okay, pain, but what it tells me is that I have not been a very good husband, or son, or brother and now that my family has to pitch in to deal with this lump of flesh that can't go to the store alone, can't even go to the bathroom with questions and concerns for his health "Are you okay?" "Yeah." "Are you sure?" "Yes"

So, now that I have to be so completely reliant on everyone in my life I can only assume that God's plan for me was to humble me a little bit, but also to give me a very vivid reminder that everything in the world that is important to me can reside in a single house, in a single room and as important as the film is, it is nowhere near as important as the people I have neglected these past months. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Different Planets

If I weren't doing an anti-media film, I would almost have to make one. The insanity of the modern media is out of control. Without any evidence at all, none, the media has been on a "Russian hack" meme for months, ignoring completely the true and actual evidence of unmasking American citizens, of leaking classified information to media outlets and obstruction of justice by none other than former Director of the FBI: Comey.

It is this absolute disconnect that elected Trump in the first place, the sense that no news was getting out about the real and present dangers to people, real people, however denigrated by those on the coasts. The media claims to champion the cause of the illegal immigrants, yet turns a blind-eye to thousands being killed on the border with guns the Obama Administration helped to funnel into Mexico. And no, for their information, a gun that can get to Mexico can just as easily as a border-crosser, get back across onto the streets of America.

All right, so the bloom is off the rose already and everyone who reads this knows about the truly deadly policy of Fast and Furious, it sounds like old news already, but I maintain that if it never was news, it is news again to those who have just opened their eyes. It was like my father used to say about stupid people: every time they blink their eyes they wake up in a new world.

Most of what went on in the Obama years is still largely unknown by those who peruse the daily newspapers and watch the evening news. All of the things that I used to be hypersensitive to, that needed a little digging to uncover is now out in the open. Every time Trump sends out a tweet the media first rushes over to Senator Schumer to ask his opinion. Why? Schumer doesn't run anything, he isn't in control of anything, he is just one of 99 other senators with an opinion.

We are watching a media-orchestrated coup. They are no longer the 5th Column, they are on the front lines, firing rhetorical bullets, seeking the destruction of a duly elected president. Everyday, the meme is that Trump is out of control, perhaps nuts and the only one who can save the republic is Senator Schumer. They want to draw comparisons to Nixon, the last time they were able to take a relatively stupid move and turn it into a revolution. Maybe it was a mild revolution, but they have no intention of letting the Marxists sit on the sidelines this time.

I don't know if this time is any different from any other time, when they tried to hobble their enemies with newsprint, but they have now donned the uniform of their party and intend to engage in war. That is different. It is one thing to be a mole, a spy, it is completely another to be combatant. A small sample of the rhetoric exposes everything about their intentions.

When it comes to Trump, well, yeah, he was never going to be a raging conservative with principles and ideals. I think a lot of people have been disappointed by him, because they placed all of their hopes in him. I'm a lot more forgiving, because I didn't want Hillary in charge of the nation's law enforcement agencies. In that, he has already succeeded, but the war rages to see if they can get rid of him in 2-4 years and get someone else in charge before he has a chance to pack the court. They are the ones who need to get a victory in a very short time, that's why we have seen the full-court press since the Inauguration.

I spent some time at the Denver Press Club recently and engaged some of the reporters there and when I suggested that the media is biased, I got blank looks and shaking heads. It was not so much that they thought I was wrong as it was that they thought I was delusional. "The news?" they asked quizzically, as if it could not be true. That's when I knew we were on different planets.  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The DVD Has Life

We finally have a DVD, it is not perfect and it is not quite done in the sense that all of the things that need to be done are done, but it is close. Instead of rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic, we are down to polishing the china. And, that isn't fair to all of the people who have worked a lot of hours and taken their time to talk to us, this is far from the Titanic. While it might not be the Queen Mary of films, it is important. There are some truly valuable pieces of information in there. I have described it as a film version of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It may not be the most literary of works, but the shear intellectual weight of it is staggering.

We have a Screener, which can be used to obtain some valuable feedback on where the film is weak and where it is strong, what needs to be corrected and what needs to be accentuated, all of which can be done generally with a little editing, not the wheelbarrow of footage to wade through as it was from the beginning.

I know everyone has been hearing about this film for a long time and it is easy to have too great of expectations for something like this, but I believe that the perspective it takes lends itself to a greater audience than just us and those who think along the same general lines as we do. It might even go further than that and reach into some markets we would not normally consider.

The fact is, Millennials are mostly lost, angry and at the same time complacent, but they know something is coming to an end and they feel cheated for not ever having experienced the "good times" represented by many of our early lives. They have never known a time when they were not exposed to scams and held responsible for the worst times in their lives on social media. I'm not going to try and psychologically diagnose every Millennial, because they are as different as any of us, but as my daughter said, "they know they are being screwed, they just don't know exactly how or by whom." How could they? They have never been told the straight story about anything, everything has been a con, everything has been slanted and biased and it is really difficult to put total faith in anything. They are custom built for the Marxists, who are looking for people they can manipulate with a few facts and a lot of supposition.

The only thing we have to offer is the truth and that goes against almost everything they have been taught, but these are the right people to present that truth. They don't have routine talking points to be hammered over and over again, they can think for themselves and I knew that going in, that these weren't views held by them, because they were paid by the New York Times or the LA Times, or the Koch brothers for that matter. Aside from Matt Bracken, Claire Wolfe and David Codrea, none of them are paid for their points of view and even they have developed a market for their perspectives, rather than having to toe the company line. They are independent contractors in that sense and don't have to pretend to hold certain beliefs to keep a job. This is why we went after the people we did.

Credibility is everything and no one in the media has any as far as I am concerned. We chose people who are still doing what they do, because they have thought it through and come up with their views from an intellectual point of view. That was why we could withhold the questions until they were asked on film, or memory card, to be more accurate. You can see them listening closely to the questions before answering, because they didn't know what was coming. Except for the couple that we had to redo for technical reasons, but nothing was staged or rehearsed.

And now, as I am finally able to lift my head out from the daily 12-14 hour days of editing and watching and sitting with our sound and music director, Rob Wallace, I can start to think of other things. We have a DVD that needs a little polishing, but we have it. I have watched it, but then I have seen the same footage so much, I can barely see it for what it is, which is why I will be looking forward to the screening on May 20th at 2 pm in Canon City and get some feel for what the public will think of it, what they will find wrong that I have been looking at for weeks and never saw. Filmmaking has always been a collaborative effort, it is the one thing I like about it. Writing novels is a solitary effort and there is never a moment when there is confirmation of a good chapter until the editor sees it with his eyes.

There are two websites you should all be aware of and as I spend more time promoting the film, I will be spending more time there to keep those interested up to date, but I really look forward to being able to give this site a little more attention in the weeks to come. I want to thank everyone who has helped with this effort, it has taken a load off my mind to think that we have gotten the financial support we needed to complete the film, without having to cash in everything I own.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Pikeville: A Greater Good

There have been a lot of different accounts of what happened on Saturday April 29th in the otherwise peaceful and picturesque Kentucky town of Pikeville. One account on the Drudge Report claimed that the Nazi fascists were booed out of town. That was not so, it was spin, it was our media being the Marxist puppets they have become since throwing all their credibility into the wastebasket as they shifted to propaganda. It was not the town that booed, but Antifa who booed as the Traditional Workers Party and the National Socialist Movement loaded up at the conclusion of the event. To portray it any other way is dishonest.

This is what did happen. 

Antifa had gathered at some other spot before making their appearance along the shaded sidewalks of Pikeville, walking in a long group, carrying banners. Young people hanging out with each other as much as anything else. They were ushered along and tended to by their handlers. There is no doubt that many of the Antifa were anti-racist and anti-fascist with the zeal of someone who does not fully comprehend the definition of either term. They hate something deep inside, their country, their heritage, perhaps themselves and they mean to take it out on someone.

They got to the city square about ten minutes before their seeming opposition and gathered in the street blocked off for the event. They began to chant as members of the League of the South arrived and took their position inside a sort of pen created out of fencing barriers. The League of the South were not the racists that Antifa sought. The League members talked to the media gathered with tripods and a preconceived agenda. They spoke of the First Amendment and tried to make it clear to the reporters that while they might not agree with either the Nationalist Socialist Movement (NSW) or the Traditional Workers Party (TWP) who had organized the event, they were there to support the individual right to free speech and assembly. But, the media didn't want to hear any of that, they wanted to lump the League of the South in with the NSW and the TWP, it's what they do.

The media lumps all conservative groups together but carefully makes the distinction between disparate liberal groups. The media does not recognize Antifa as violent or even radical, though they have demonstrated that they are both. The media does not demand that every liberal group denounce the violent and intolerant actions of Antifa, but they demand the denouncement of Neo Nazis from all conservatives. This is the clever way they give distance from Antifa to liberal groups, but associate all conservative groups with Neo Nazis like the NSW. It is deceptive and intentionally so.

Initially, the numbers looked perverse, with a much larger group on the Antifa side than the 15 or so on the League's side, but many were just college kids and onlookers.

As the temperature began to rise to ninety degrees and the humidity began to take its toll, Antifa became more aggressive, angry and punitive to this small group. They began to chant "Whose streets?" and responded "Our streets." They tried to drown out the League as they tried to make their case to reporters.

Antifa, which stands for Antifascist, though as a member of the League told me could as well stand for Anti First Amendment, because they have already been seen across the country trying to determine who is allowed to speak in any public forum and who is not.

The Pikeville Police, the Sheriff's Office and the State Police took up their positions between the groups and did an excellent job, making anything that has gone on in California look like a bunch of drunken sheepherders in comparison to the professional policing done by the departments in Pikeville.

In the crowd, one was able to discern the "feel" of the moment. Antifa is not one thing, it is a core of activists who rely heavily upon college youth for their numbers. This is why most of their actions center around a college town, such as Pikeville. Interspersed into the crowd of young faces are a few dedicated agitators giving instructions and holding the others accountable. Openly displayed was the Marxist means of agitation where the Marxism wafted thick behind the scenes, while the innocent, righteous and sympathetic faces show to the press and therefore the nation, giving the sense of merely concerned, over-sensitive young minds, but they are classic, living examples of Lenin's "useful idiots." The scene coaxes a sort of parental forgiveness from the front, but the dirty work is being done in the back, out of frame and ignored by the sympathetic media.

On the other side of the barricade, in the "pen" came the arrival of the true racists, the Traditional Workers Party (TWP) and the National Socialist Movement (NSM), with stylized flags flying that combined the U.S. flag with the Confederate battle flag and a black ribbon. These were not the otherwise tame ideological opponents of Antifa that the crowd had been used to, these were militant racists looking for a brawl and a discernable gasp was heard, but the Antifa leaders behind the scene rallied the troops and the chants resumed in earnest.

As the scene pivoted from 150-200 bullies berating a relatively small group of Constitutionalists, who spent their time denying racism and making technical political points, to one where there was a more equal distribution of antagonism. The momentum shifted from the bullies to the TWP and the NSM, who challenged Antifa to break the barriers. The atmosphere was suddenly charged with a sense of impending violence and clearly defined hatred. The difference between the groups were simply that the TWP and NSM were there on their own behalf, with their opinions and lives dedicated to their cause, no matter how distasteful and irrational it might be to the casual observer. Antifa, on the other hand, relied on these young, idealistic college students for their muscle and it didn't even look like a fair fight, despite the fact that Antifa held the numerical advantage.

As the epithets and gestures were exchanged over the heads of the police standing between the groups grew more and more vile and vehement, it happened.  The truth of these two groups became visible to the onlooker...they were identical. These were two sides of the same coin willing to deny humanity to someone else simply because they disagree, or have a different worldview. Antifa played Marx to the Traditional Workers Party's portrayal of Engels. Even a citizen looked up and remarked: "I don't see a lick of difference, do you?" "No."

This is why only a small contingent of Constitutionalists stood with principle to deny Antifa a clear field. A true Constitutionalist finds no sympathetic side with whom to ally. They are both despicable and in possession of the same tactics and methods: to shut the other side down. No one was there to hear an explanation of the First Amendment, or to debate the issues of the day. They were two rabid dogs lunging at one another without thought, without comprehension, blinded by the evil of their own actions, justifying it all for some greater good.

The leaders of both Nazi groups issued the challenge to Antifa, "Come on then, shut us up!"  "We're right here!" Those on the Antifa side tensed and looked through that thin blue line they would have to negotiate before reaching the TWP and NSM. Both sides rattled the barricades as tension mounted and the snipers up high in the bank building across the street adjusted their positions, the rifle barrels hidden by narrow windows opened to allow a shot. Small drones buzzed above the crowd and occasionally the riot squad secreted inside the City Hall could be seen through long panes of glass in the door.

There it was, the bluffing challenge and the muted response. It was a moment when it all could have gone bad for everyone, including the many, many citizens who were just there to watch, with no dog in the fight at all. Then it passed. While the rhetoric continued for another half hour, before the whole thing began to wind down, that was the moment of action and Antifa stood down.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pikeville This Weekend

As June closes in, we at 12 Round Productions are in the final stages of edits for Lies of Omission, bringing together music, sound and B-roll to meet the deadline. The deadline is NOT June 1st, it is IN June, that timeframe has not changed.

But, aside from publicity and the like, I have seen my role diminish to the point that I can do something else with my time, which brings me to Pikeville, KY this weekend. In the post I wrote a few weeks ago, here, I mentioned that I thought this was necessary. It will be an important skirmish in the war on the First Amendment. These Antifa(s) are outright Communists and are dedicated to the disruption and disintegration of the United States as a republic. It can be summarized as nothing less and it is up to us, to show that we are not afraid of them and are, in fact, anxious to engage them, because we know that they are paid-for muscle and anti-American agitators.

America may no longer be what it once was, or, at least, what I thought it was, but no matter how it is politically diminished, it is still full of Americans who hold the principles it claimed to promote close to their heart and at the forefront of their minds. This is a war on the street-level between those soldiers who are willing to place themselves in danger to stand up for the principles of liberty and the globalist-collectivist left.

Those gathering in Pikeville, KY do not all have the same ideology, or the same perspectives, they might even be at each other's throats in a normal context, but when it comes to the defense of our individual rights, they align close enough to center to be effective.

This is not a fight that we have chosen, this is a fight that Antifa wanted, that they planned in order to disrupt an annual gathering of the Traditional Workers Party, something I probably would not normally support, but in this context, when Antifa has targeted them for a beat down, I will be there. I am traveling a great distance to be there, because I believe in, whenever possible, backing up my rhetoric with action. I will also be there with a camera to document this for the film. To show those who view our work an illustration of all of the dangers of continuing to ignore the issues before us today.

So, whoever might read these words and think of participating in this event, look for me and if you can, help me get some footage. At least, should the worst happen to me, take the card out of the camera and secret it away before it is destroyed or confiscated.

As some of you know, Kentucky is my ancestral homeland, so I do not feel as if I am intervening in a fight that does not concern me. My family held land in and around the Georgetown/Frankfurt area on Miller's Run where it flows into Elkhorn Creek. I have a copy of a deed dated 1787. I am proud of my Kentucky heritage and that is what I am going to defend this weekend.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Who Will Make The Call?

There are bigger things to think about than Lies of Omission, though strategically it makes a great deal of sense, especially in these times while the Marxists are exposing their aims and tactics and they are being met with less and less support. The American public is being treated to a good dose of anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-family and anti-law behavior from those high up in government circles. They are in open revolt against these values and more and more Americans are recognizing that those who are supposed to be upholding the law are more and more frequently defying the law. The message of "obey the law while opposing the law" is being lost and all the better.

As I have often pointed out, this is a war. It might be a soft war, a cold war, but there are battles being waged, skirmishes at least and the fruits of the Marxist message are pulsing through the Antifa  crowds. They have identified the enemy as the "white guy" an easy target, who they can label with all sorts of evil intent, whether true, or not, but it is a premature action in which they are engaged. Average Joe does not want to fight with Antifa anymore than they want to fight on our side, the side of the republic. They don't want to fight at all, for anything or anyone.  "Fight, fight, fight" is a sports cheer, not a philosophy.

But, I don't want to focus on anything as casual as Antifa, they are just the goons hired to incite riots, but it is interesting to note that the feds were observing these actions at the Berkeley protest unbeknownst to the mayor or the police chief. The police have sanctioned this sort of violence against patriots. We have seen it before and it is now out in the open. A cop turns his back just when it looks like a Marxist thug will do damage to a "patriot" and I use that term loosely in this context. An average Trump supporter is not necessarily a patriot. But, it extends past Trump. As I have tried to explain before Trump is a symbol, a totem for all of us, white, Christian, heterosexual, conservative believers in individual rights. They see us and they point at him. They hate him as a means of hating us. The fact that Trump neither speaks for us nor does he have the same principles or ideals is irrelevant. We are operating in the world of symbols, something a Marxist understands a heck of a lot better than those of us who consider each person an individual instead of a representative of a larger group.

This is the essential battleground. The Marxists only see us in the collective sense. We are at a bit of a disadvantage, because we do not see them in the collective sense, but in the individual sense. I don't hate anyone as a representative of a group like they do. I might hate a Marxist, but it is much harder to come up with hate for an individual until I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are indeed a Marxist instead of just a useful idiot. Pity is all I have for a useful idiot. That doesn't mean that I don't recognize that the useful idiots will have to pay the biggest price for being either useful or an idiot.

I explained to our Music Director Rob Wallace that we are a nation in transition from a democratic republic to a soviet police state. I don't know Rob's politics. Having been in the film industry for most of his life, a lot of it in LA, I assume that he is not friendly with everything he is seeing on the screen of Lies of Omission  as he sets it to music and corrects the flaws in the sound, but he is smart and he is polite. His take will be interesting when he has a chance to view it as a whole. But, this nation is in transition. It is obvious that short of a nuclear holocaust there will be no outright day of reckoning here in the US. We are not even able to heap the sort of scorn and derision on the Clinton cabal who ensured that North Korea would be able to place this nation in the danger that it is today. And, this is only a preview of what we will be dealing with in a few years when Iran perfects their delivery system. Nuclear war, at this point, is almost a given and it is due solely to our own politicians.

I have watched several milestones pass by that should have caused a counter-revolution against the forces of Marxism that have marched through our institutions until we are discussing whether we can talk about this aspect of our lives, or not, this idea or not, whether or not we are able to make a simple observation or not. These are things that should not even rise to the level of consciousness where individual rights are placed in primacy. All the while North Korea and Iran plot our demise with weapons we have provided. Who will call for the rope for those who are responsible for the deaths of millions?       

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Man In The Clouds

I visited with a friend today, George, at the Sangre de Cristo Sentinel, named after the Mountain Range, but nonetheless translates as the "Blood of Christ." And, we had the typical, yet completely engaging sort of conversations I tend to have with folks in the "doer" column. If, by the way, you have not heard the story of George and his huge "open carry" 4th of July contingent in the annual Westcliffe, CO parade, you should look into it and take out a subscription to his local paper in the right side bar, because it has plenty to entertain a national audience. Have you ever seen a weekly community newspaper with a Second Amendment section and a weekly column by a local pastor? The Sangre de Cristo Sentinel has them both.

George Gramlich is hated by his liberal, i.e. Marxist competition and none of the local Marxists will advertise in his paper, but he has found like minds in the rural parts of the county and a few more in the neighboring counties, so he is making a success of the paper, but a little help never hurts.

Anyway, that was all preamble to the main gist of the conversation, during which we delved into the topic of Marxism, the futility of the Constitution in the hands of men devoid of character and where the subject of faith was brought up as wholly necessary for a government such as this to work. Okay, I know this has been gone over a few times, but bear with me.

A little later on, I was listening to Glenn Beck, for whom I have lost a lot of respect, but it's better than NPR on a long drive to get more B-roll for Lies of Omission, though it is nearly complete, at least in the roughcut sense, so we will be looking for screening locations in the near future. I don't have a fundrazr campaign running right now, but when I do it will be at I need to put together another trailer over the weekend.

Okay, getting back to it, I was listening to the squishy Glenn Beck and he had a guest on, a former KGB agent who lived in the US during the '70s as an atheist and a spy named Jack Barsky, who has a book out. He was talking about how he was a rabid atheist and could not be a conservative and a communist, so he cloaked himself as a liberal. Right there, it tells you a lot about the liberal mindset, if you didn't already know, which, if you are reading this, I suspect you do.

They got around to talking about his life as a spy in the United States. He talked about the loneliness and how he had a relationship with a woman who was a Christian, who persisted in her testimony and he had met Christians whom he had grown to like, so he indulged her here and there, but could not get over the idea that he was trained as a chemist and believing in some fantasy man in the clouds just wasn't working for him. And then, she asked him to listen to a favorite and famous preacher who approached Christianity in a way Barsky could handle.

Where these two instances today line up is that both George and myself and Beck and Barsky arrived pretty much at the same place. There is no morality without God. Barsky claimed to think of himself as a generally "good" person as an atheist (and yes, I know Atheists read this blog and will be fruitful in the comment section. I can handle it) but, when he looked at his life he had done some very bad things, hurtful things to people, but was still able to carry that generally "good" moniker, but came to realize that one might be "good" as an Atheist, but without any sort of dedication to being good. They just sort of wander around and try to be good as a choice between that and being "bad," but it is a sort of personal choice, not a requirement, or a duty the way it is with Christians. But, this is his story, not so much my own. And I know the Atheists who read this blog are "good" people, that is not the issue. The issue is that the government does not function without God. The Constitution relies on such things as oaths and integrity and it works so long as those things mean something to the people who write the laws, but, and this was all I was trying to get at:

Where God is not present, one is capable of being a Marxist, because it is all about the allegiance to the state, or in this case, the government and there is no sense of what one is doing is wrong, if it benefits the government, whereas a Christian might be instructed to do something that goes against their faith and will refuse.

Yes, one might be an Atheist and still be a great patriot to the cause. I am not challenging that. But, a betrayal would simply be a betrayal to an idea, or a piece of paper, or a cause, it is not a betrayal to one's God like it is to a Christian. The point being, that in a government where people are sworn to uphold the Constitution, if they don't believe in God, there is no punishment for violating their oath. Is there?

This is the point Barsky was making, that he could only be a Communist while he was an Atheist, but when he became a Christian, he could no longer be a Communist. It didn't mean he had to be a federalist type of republican/capitalist, but he could not be a Communist. While he was wavering he began to read about Lenin, thinking that it would give him power against Christianity and therefore embolden his Communism, but when he read the truth about Lenin from Western sources he was appalled at what he discovered and the whole ruse of his life began to crash down around him.

So, the really interesting part of this whole discussion was that he had, at one time, believed that Christians were ignorant and foolish to believe in some man in the clouds, but eventually came to see that he had been doing the same with Lenin and was just as ignorant and foolish as he once believed Christians to be. Now, if you are a Christian, you see the hand of God in that. I did.

Friday, March 31, 2017

This Is A War

In reference to my previous post, if you look at the comments.

Are we not yet done with this quarreling over what is legal and not legal, Constitutional and not Constitutional and whether the Constitution was a flawed document? What difference does it make? It is not in use, but if the shell of what it was can be used as a tool to hammer the Marxists that have co-opted it for their own use when it serves them and ignore it all together when it is not useful, do we really have to have this argument?

Let me spell it out. There is no Constitution. The fact that it exists on paper somewhere is wholly irrelevant. Why do you think I have largely (not completely, but largely) refused to reference it over these past few years? I used the Constitution, not as a shield as some seem to think, but as a reference point to demonstrate that our government was no longer bound by it. It was in the vain hope to give some courage to those who thought our government was somehow still legitimate. Everything I have written on the Constitution, even when I wrote the book, was to illustrate the fact that it was not in use by our government and that all of the machinations of the Supreme Court were, if not designed, at least instructive, that they knew how to get around all those pesky words.

The only thing the Constitution is good for now, is to bludgeon the Marxists, to make them violate it, to explain their violation and watch them make logical fools of themselves when they try to justify their illegal actions. That's all. Nothing more.

I have been called a "statist" for suggesting that the federal troops take into custody those Mayors protecting criminals, harboring felons and abetting further crimes against the people. Trust me, I am no statist. I recognize the Constitutional right for the federal government to "faithfully execute the law" nothing more. I agree with the law that says immigration laws should be enforced. There was a time when these laws were passed to protect the people from criminal gangs and invading troops. Yeah, I support that. I do not support many functions of the federal government as it has been reprogrammed to endorse and support Marxism. I don't support the Patriot Act. I don't support Roe v Wade, or any other Marxist law designed to establish the federal leviathan as ruler of all things, but there are a few good ideas in there to be supported.

But, none of this gets to the heart of the issue. We are at war for the very survival of liberty and we are losing badly. Would I pick up a Constitutional club with which to strike at the Marxist rule of mayors? Yeah, I would. Do I think that makes the Constitution some sort of, as Claire Wolfe recently said "some magical document that will restore liberty?" No, I don't. It is just paper, but if paper can be used to damage a Marxist, okay, I'll use it. I'll use any manner of weapon against the people and system that has robbed us all of the lives we should live.

All too often this "community" engages in intramural battles over terms and ideas and choose to label one this thing or that, when we should be focusing all of our attention on just one thing, destroying the Marxist rule we have allowed to take control of our lives. It is a long, hard fight back to just a semblance, a shadow of the liberty we have ceded to the government by our inaction and it is a fight during which I will use any weapon that comes easily to my hand.

We need every fighter we can recruit. Perhaps, I am wrong. Please, God, if there have been formations of patriots taking place every Saturday in parks across the nation to embolden and inspire recruitment, let me know where that is taking place and I will jump in line to take my position along with my brothers and sisters, but I don't see it. I've never heard of it.

We are long past the time when we could cull out the undesirables by a litmus test on certain ideas. We are at the point where we face extinction, obliteration, or complete disregard by other stronger and more supportive groups like Black Bloc, or Black Lives Matter, or some other group by their very actions inspire recruitment, because it really seems like the patriots aren't doing a dang thing for recruitment. Marxists are in the universities, recruiting young minds and bodies and on some campuses where the Army can't even recruit.

Lies of Omission is a recruitment tool and should be used as such and disseminated as such. That's what I have been working all these months to produce, me and others. I certainly am not alone in this effort, but it is what I have focused all my energy on, because I see it as a chance, a longshot, perhaps, but a chance to reach those minds that are being coveted by the Marxists in every institution.

Do you realize that all of the Millennials have been raised in Soviet schools, universities, churches, cities, states, counties? Do you realize that they have actually been Soviet citizens all this time? Do you really expect them to shun what they have always known without cause? Without instruction? Do you think that they will come to some sense of national pride and reverence without exposing this Marxist hell for what it is?

We have not done our duty and now we have to yell harder, bargain more, use whatever device is left to us to convince this generation not to abandon everything good about this nation in order to comply with the Marxist dictate. In the end, we may have to fight a war against our own children to preserve anything of what made this nation great so that subsequent generations might live in liberty.

To that end, I am up for anything. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

If There Be Lawlessness

Things are proceeding so fast toward cultural and political meltdown that it is difficult to keep up. City states such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago have declared their independence from the union and are in open rebellion. Call it what you will, take the MSM meme of protecting illegal aliens if you choose, but it is nothing less than secession by disobedience. It is a flagrant act of rebellion against federal authority and should be met with armed troops on the steps of these city halls.

Typically, as a Constitutionalist, there is the 10th Amendment to be considered here, except that national security is a delineated power of the federal government and a "uniform rule of Naturalization" is among the powers of Congress, not the purview of random city councils. It is also the duty of the president to ensure that all laws are "faithfully executed."

But, here is another prime example of the corrupt media hiding, through lies of omission, the true fact of this rebellion. It is none other. It is a direct threat to the stability of the United States and the rule of law, which has been under constant assault for decades. Federal judges openly disregard clearly Constitutional acts of the duly elected President and we are expected to wait for the legal processes?

There are hearings being held to discover that for which there is no evidence ever presented to suggest that the President colluded with a foreign power to rig the latest presidential election. This is being held up as the most important news of the day. While, at the same time and totally ignored, it has been discovered that there was "incidental" surveillance of the Trump campaign by the previous administration and subsequent dispersal of that illegally obtained information throughout domestic and foreign intelligence agencies at the direction of the former president. These are crimes, felonies, indictable under federal law. There is now an open admission of this surveillance and dispersal of illegally obtained and disseminated information by the previous administration by Evelyn Farkas, Deputy Secretary of Defense, on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC aired in early March. Her arrest and waterboarding should be imminent.

All of this begs the question: What laws will you openly disobey?

We are being shown, by political leaders across the nation, heads of their state, that it is perfectly acceptable to refuse to obey laws with which one disagrees. It is a showdown that will either result in the arrest and trial for treason of these leaders, or it will signal to everyone that this is perfectly reasonable behavior to pick and choose which federal laws will be obeyed and which can be shrugged off.

Now, I know it doesn't work the same way for us lowly citizens, but isn't that the mark of a failed nation? Where political leaders can flout and violate any law without fear of reprisal? Does this not make us a "banana republic" and therefore subject to open rebellion? It is when the people are oppressed by unjust laws, wrongly imprisoned for crimes only selectively prosecuted that open rebellion is justified. That is a founding principle of this nation, supported and encouraged by those same founders.

Let us start in the towns and cities and disregard the National Firearms Act, trample and run amok in the National Forests and National Parks across the West. If they will not arrest these few, how can they arrest the many? Is it not, then, a reasonable defense to declare inequality before the law? But, who will go to jail first? That is the real question is it not? Are we not capable of raising funds for a legal defense fund for just such willing participants? Do we not have the legal resources equal to that of a city or a state that declare their willingness to take these issues to trial?

Where do we decide to put up a resistance? It is going to cost some of us our lives. Is that not yet clear? I don't know what bail is for ripping up National Park Service tickets for trespassing, or rule violations, but is it that onerous? Do they put you in Park Jail? Are you held along with criminal cows, who have eaten of the sacred federal grass?

If there be lawlessness, what reason do any of us have for obedience?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Soviet Sytem, Or Not?

I was going to reply to a comment in the previous post by Anonymous Ray, who accused me of "milking the conservative sheep" to which I took great exception. Lies of Omission is not about me, for me, or us. We might be doing all of the hands-on work of making a film, which includes a lot of late nights, a lot of coordination and equipment to be rented or purchased, etc., but this film is something much different than he can imagine in his limited "everyone's corrupt" mentality. So be it, but his comment did highlight something else that I thought deserved a response.

Ray's claim was that the U.S. Government has always been corrupt and that I am just starting to figure that out. Well, not really. When I look at the issue of government corruption, it doesn't matter to me how long it has been corrupt, or whether it was founded on a document that primarily served the purposes of the rich and powerful. What some people never take into account is that at the time of the Revolution most people were living a wealthy lifestyle, much like they are even today. Wealth cannot accurately be estimated from a rich nation, because "corrupt" or not we are all living lives of  opulence of which is only found in the West. Go to Africa, the Middle East, North Korea, much of China and you find destitution on a scale unimaginable even from a lower-middle class standard.

But, that is sort of a side-issue. It does not matter how long the U.S. Government has been corrupt, it only matters how long I have had to endure its corruption. It is not my duty to go back in time and fix it from the founding. It is my duty to try and fix it where I find it is corrupt. It is under my watch that it transformed from a relatively free state to a surveillance, Soviet-style state. That is what I have spent the past 30 years, since the passage of the seat belt law in Colorado, trying to fix.

I have come to understand that I am not enough, that thousands of me (and there are) is not enough, that millions of me might not be enough. Those who have wrecked our country have wrecked our economy, too. Our wealth has prevented us from taking oversight seriously. We have lived lives largely oblivious of the machinations of government behind the scenes. Some of us have been able to raise families, accumulate wealth and retire to play golf all without ever having to consider the economy or government malfeasance. That is true wealth, to be free from the intrusion of corruption.

All I am pointing out is that the wealth of this nation has been squandered, the government is corrupt and it is all about to cause you and me a lot of problems, problems that cannot be glossed over by a new golf club, or a trip to the city for a ball game. To look backward and say: "it was always thus," is ridiculous, because it was not always thus. It might have always been working its way toward this point, but it was not always AT this point and it is now.

The film is just a way to convince those working through the rubble that when they establish order, there was a means of producing wealth and freedom that should be given a chance to work again, perhaps with some stringent punishment for violation of the rules BY government officials, instead of focusing all of the punishments on the people. Maybe that little tweak will help.

What I do know about political systems is it doesn't matter whether one starts with perfection or a slightly flawed good idea, Man will corrupt it until it becomes something easily manipulated by the smallest number of individuals. Whether that is through the dominance of corporations and their ability to buy off representatives of the people to do their bidding at the expense of those supposedly represented, or whether government grows to a point of being able to partner with those corporations in order to reap the benefits without the investment. Corruption is a normal process, but it is us, the scattered masses that either tolerate it, or not. Who let is pass or stop it and start the process over again at the beginning. This is why Jefferson said: "the tree of liberty must once in a while be visited by the blood of patriots and tyrants." It is a continual process of revolution that secures liberty. A reset is required and more often than it has been utilized to this point. More than likely the last time it should have been exercised is at the turn of the 20th Century.

One thing that cannot be ignored much longer, is it is time again. We have let it go too long and it has only gotten worse. So when this economy collapses, we will fight and die and pursue a different system. Will that be a Soviet system, like we have now, or will we look into our past and give representative government another shot? This time with some lessons learned and more vigilant execution of public officials? We'll see.

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