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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Last Betrayal

From the latest statement from the Trump Transition team that Trump might be able to deal on the idea of Global Warming, there is a lack of will to fight the war and it is a war. We are engaged in a social civil war as important and as deadly as any civil war. For the past hundred years or more the collectivists have been engaged in a war against the American culture largely ignored by the culture itself. It is analogous to the Islamist jihadists who had carried on a war against America for decades before the towers came down. 
The collectivists have infiltrated the schools, news organizations, universities, labor unions, local, state and federal governments. Many in the political establishment on both sides have been infiltrated. The fact that so many Republicans have been seduced to the collectivist agenda is a large part of why Donald Trump was elected. This was a result of the great awakening of Middle America, who after the economic meltdown, began to see that the government that was supposed to be defending their interests were, in fact, acting against their interests.

The first evidence of this awakening was the Tea Party movement that swept the nation in response to the massive banking bailouts. While average citizens saw their jobs disappear and their homes repossessed, the bankers were getting huge bonuses granted to them with taxpayer money used to bail them out. It was not in response to the election of Barack Obama as the news continually reported. That is not to say that some of Barack Obama’s policies didn’t aggravate and inspire this movement to new heights, but it did not start the movement. That was fake news propaganda designed to make the Tea Party appear to be racist (the same obnoxious claim the collectivists use at every turn).

Barack Obama represented the collectivists in ways they had never been represented before, in an open and aggressive manner, continually pushing the divisive policies between the individualist instinct and collectivist ideology. After eight years of implementing the collectivist agenda, with little or no opposition from the Republican Party, the whole spectrum of the collectivists from socialists to Marxists had been emboldened enough to wave the Soviet flag at the Democratic National Convention.  

Also, during the same eight years Middle America had been fighting back in the only way they could, electing more and more Republicans to the House and Senate until they had control of both houses, but these Republican collectivists did not have the political will to follow through on their promises. Instead, those same Republicans elected to do that job and that job alone turned around after the 2014 election and told their supporters that they would not engage the president on the issues important to their constituents.  

In a rejection of the Republican Party itself, the citizens of Middle America chose the presidential candidate most unlike the GOP without being a Democrat: Donald Trump. After a lawless and corrupt Obama Administration that ignored immigration law, imported jihadists, protected criminal activity and obstructed justice, Middle America chose the one candidate that promised to enforce immigration law, stop the influx of Syrian refugees that had been infiltrated by Jihadists and bring law and order back to the Attorney General’s office.  

Trump’s campaign offered a ray of hope to an ignored public. The campaign, because it spoke for those long forgotten and defamed, was attacked by the collectivists to a degree that their bias was exposed. Though evidence of their bias had been obvious to those who were paying attention during the Obama Administration, it became glaring during the campaign to install Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. The collectivists needed Hillary to win bad enough that they dropped the pretense of being impartial reporters of the news and became aggressive propagandists. When Donald Trump won the election, they felt the promise of the collectivist state slip through their fingers and they lost any sense of objectivity.  

The actions of the media; the shock, dismay and even tears was the best thing that could have happened. It was the 9/11 moment for those in Middle America. The protests against Trump, financed by George Soros, the main financial clout behind the collectivist movement, only reinforced the sudden realization of Middle America.  

The collectivist reaction to Trump’s election, because his is not one of the typical Republican establishment’s lap dogs, has been volcanic, even if it is orchestrated and financed. It is a sign that the collectivists, even in the Republican Party, are afraid. But, they have two months to get to him and turn him around. They will spend a lot of time trying to convince him that he doesn’t have to follow through on his promises (they didn't), but just like their prognostications about his demise during the election, they will be wrong. Donald Trump is the last hope for a peaceful transition away from collectivism for the mass of Middle America.  

It is important for Mr. Trump to understand that this is a war. It might be a cold war at this point, but like the Cuban Missile Crisis, it could go nuclear at any moment. Middle America has spent eight years trying to work the political process to their advantage and have been outmaneuvered at every turn, by a corrupt administration willing to do anything to keep the views of Middle America out of the political process. But one might only thwart the intentions of the people so long before open rebellion is the only solution. Middle America will not be able to withstand another betrayal.
Trump must understand that he has the future of this nation in his hands. Now that the collectivists have threatened to secede from the union and Middle America is in a mood to do the same, it is a very tenuous path he treads. If he can be convinced that the only way to save the union is to side with the collectivists, he will destroy it. Perhaps there is no peaceful solution at this point, but if there is, it is only in backing the collectivists down and calling their bluff. It is not betraying the public once again, because that would prove to the many law-abiding, believers in the republic that there is no diplomatic solution and the last act of diplomacy is war.

The one thing that is known about the collectivists is that they will never give up. Death threats to Presidential Electors is just another means of prosecuting their war. Trump was hired to fight back.


  1. Hoping you are wrong - believing you are not.

    1. The coming 4 years will decide the fate of the Democratic party or the Republican party for the next generation. One will rise and one will fall.

    2. I wonder what happens if they both fall & fail?

    3. Hind sight is 20/20 and looking back over the years I have come to the conclusion that revolution is inevitable and that it should have happened in 1963.

  2. Point of order: Mr. Trump knows full well that this is a war. Rule number one in a war...never let the enemy know what you're up to. This country is saturated with enemies, and the Donald would be stupid to lay all his cards on the table before he even takes office.

    He's been ten steps ahead of everyone since before he threw his hat in the ring. He's ALWAYS got something up his sleeve. The Establishment is playing Chutes and Ladders, while Trump is playing 4D chess. Let the man take office and we'll see where it goes from there, but let's not give up the fight before it even starts.

    1. Unfortunately, only time will tell. Still that hurdle of Dec 18 to clear, then maybe we'll know. First 100 days in office, then maybe we'll know. 4 years from now, then maybe we'll know.

      This is a most peculiar situation, we were like this far from corporations running everything with the left's rep as their mouth piece to the embodiment of the corporate brand taking over and it coming from the horse's mouth.

      Mind you, not un-glad he won, but at least I knew where I would have stood had the other one gotten in, not even a little doubt. Now, I feel there's more doubt than ever. Trying to figure it out, but having a difficult time seeing the hidden brilliance.

      Trusting the right guy I voted for to do the right thing has not really worked out so far, so at what point do I (or we) realize this is all a sham and pull a Susan Powter?

    2. Right on Wraith. Most of us are playing checkers at best. Donald is playing big league chess. We don't need to turn on him before he even gets in office. The MSM has already made it clear that they want us to do this and some are already taking the bait. He will likely have to compromise on some things to go forward with his greater agenda. I believe he is a Godsend. Let's give him some time to prove himself. I'd says he has done pretty good so far.

    3. Insofar as we can predict the future, we KNOW that Hillary would have destroyed our country. That's why we (well, most of us) voted for Trump. He represented our best last hope. Very few of us thought the Left would roll over and give up, even though we had done just that after previous elections had ended disastrously for us. The media attacks and campaigns to overturn the election show that we were correct in that assumption.

      But it will be a long, drawn out battle and we might still lose the war. Until those who now enjoy benefits paid for by the efforts of others learn that there is greater enjoyment to be had by working for their own benefit the battles will continue. It has taken multiple generations for us to get to the stage we find ourselves at now, so we cannot reasonably expect an overnight change in 150,000,000 people. The only way to do that would be to kill them off and I'm nowhere near ready to move to the top of the list of genocidal maniacs.

      Trump gives us hope for a better future. We need to continue to work hard so that hope will not be in vain.

      When dealing with hardcore leftists it is well to repeat the words of Christ as he hung on the cross: "Forgive them, they know not what they do."

    4. Agree 100% Wraith. We can't know what is in Trump's heart, but we can know that he is wily and will almost certainly outsmart his opponents to achieve... whatever it is he has always planned to achieve.

      People who want him to proclaim his heart to them, so that they can sleep better at night (even if doing so actually decreases the odds of DT achieving those goals) are fools.

      D Yancey:
      I disagree w/ your last sentence. These bastards know exactly what they are doing. And we should not forgive them.

  3. There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
    soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order.
    -Capt. Bob "Wolf" Johnson

    We've stood on our soap box. We've now utilized the ballot box. If the powers that were utilized by the ballot box are unwilling to utilize the jury box, then there is only one answer left.
    Hopefully the selection of the ballot realizes this. I do agree that it would be unwise to start pressing or even talking about plans before he takes office though.

  4. This is a transitional government leading us into a very new world system. It points the way and prepares the people for One who comes from an unlimited base/dimension but is yet able to negotiate the terrain. The 'One will be the all, was the all, is the all, and will become the all; Once language is clean it will furnace blast the unclean from its presence, this is the present state just beyond this time stamp dimensional transition. Dont throw me out yet...see to those with eyes to see, we applaud you.

  5. You are a moron. We seem to have a divided government but the people for the most part are not. If you have a job, take some time and talk to different people you work with. Also, buy a thesaurus, ASAP.

    1. Unknown, 10:47, who are you talking to? Me? Are you on drugs? Just curious.

    2. If you don't think the people of America are divided, then please, read the last eight years' worth of newspapers. It's obvious you just woke up from a coma!

  6. I believe President-Elect Trump is holding back right now. His responses to media questions about various issues (such as climate change) are non-committal. I think he realizes what a dangerous time we are in right now before he is actually the president. If he looks like he is going to compromise over everything, he stands a better chance of actually getting us to inauguration day. For example, yesterday he said that he wouldn't prosecute Hillary for the email server issue. The email server is the least of her crimes - the crimes are what we found out *thanks* to the email server. He has left everything wide open. As for climate change, I recommend this article:

  7. Nobody in the so-called truth movement understands that they have been fooled by Trump. He is a long standing Democrat and friends with the Clinton's. What were you expecting, Jesus?

    1. I used to be a Democrat too. Then I grew up. Unless you have a better idea, give him a chance.

  8. A successful Trump Presidency will be the end of the socialist Democrat Party and bring about a transformation to the Republican Party that will shed itself of the old Rhinos. If Trump falters then all bets are off and turmoil will bring about a new civil war in America which will make the last one seem like child's play. Pray that Trump has the balls to see this through to the end. Plan like he doesn't.

  9. The next few months we will find ourselves in uncharted waters. My immediate family and I voted for Trump but more as a finger in the eye to the establishment of both sides than to any real hope that Trump would turn this ship around. Beyond that I had previously decided not to vote anymore if only because I felt that participation in a rigged system only validates that system. Do not fool yourselves into thinking that this ship isn't going to just continue to be pulled forward by the currents and sooner than later go over the falls. Spend what time and money you can spare to continue to prep and focus locally. May you live in interesting times...


  10. I don't know that he can do it. I see him putting swamp dwellers into his administration. Easy betrayal and failure there. I remember him saying he was going to "get the best minds together" when he was running, and he's not even getting the best politicians. (If there is such a thing)

    And I don't know that he has the right mind set for the war you're talking about, and I agree it's a war. He HAS TO take control of the system, and we saw him bowing down to it towards the end of the election.

    And I don't see him prosecuting the Hilldabeast, eliminating O'Stupidcare, building the wall or exporting all the illegal aliens. He will compromise or back down on those issues it looks like. And if he does, he will be on his own and attacked from all sides.

    We need someone who can see the problems and know how to fix them. I'm not sure he can do either. And it sucks after all the work I did to get him elected.

    I'm hoping like someone said above, that he is concealing his hand, is several steps ahead of everyone and has a few tricks up his sleeve, or we're screwed.

  11. Think about the Tea Party rallies from 2008 and 2009. Think about the mass of people who showed up, peacefully, to protest and voice their concerns. Now imagine ALL those people, convinced they have no political voice, no advocate, and no alternative, showing up armed and with intent to be heard. Think of Nicolai Ceausescu's last public appearance, but remember the Romanian people were disarmed.

    If Trump trumps the people who voted for him, it will make the above inevitable.

    God help us!


  12. He is a Populist, not a Republican and never forget that. He will not want to do what the Republicans want him to do, and that is: keep his mouth shut and sign the bills they send to his desk. The republicans can and will Impeach him before 2 years goes by and install the man they really want: Mike Pence.

    1. The people would not stand for that!

  13. We worry about shit we have no control over and the things that we could be doing we put off...Shaking My Head...Also TL did you receive my email?

  14. If I were going to take on powerful political and economic enemies I would use deception and misdirection to put them at ease or at least to make it more difficult for them to mount an effective defense. I would expect my own supporters would know this...

  15. While i felt he was a much better choice than Clinton...I wonder about how much he will get done.If the debt is still going to drag us under.Trump doesn't talk about spending less.I will wait and watch.

  16. Lemme ask you, what good is "draining the swamp" if only to repack it with the same old snakes that have lived there for decades?
    If Trump didn't know already, he is finding out now, it's not the people, it's the system that is flawed.
    No doubt Trump has been very successful in the quasi-free market (QFM) where logic, intelligence, common sense, and testosterone are the business man's tools.
    But the american gov't has a whole different workshop that it works in that is counter to that of the business man.

    Success in the QFM requires the business owner to hire competent help and compensate them in a manner that is beneficial to the business.
    Success also means dismissing hired help when they are no longer beneficial to the business.
    If an employee is a liability to the business now and in the future clearly the business manager (BM) has made a poor business decision (BD) which negatively effects the business's bottom line.
    Hundreds of gov't BM's (politicians and bureaucrats) over a period of decades have made thousands of poor BDs which have been negatively effecting the gov'ts bottom line for a long time.
    The gov't is currently $20,000,000,000,000.00 (Twenty trillion dollars) in debt because of poor decisions.

    In the QFM when a BM does such a thing his ability to do so is removed and he is no longer a liability to the business.
    The BM is replaced and the negative effect to the bottom line is remedied quickly.
    If this is not done in a timely manner the business will fail and many people, investors and others, will lose a lot of money.
    When the gov't makes poor decisions that negatively effect the bottom line the costs are passed onto others that are completely unrelated to the infractions.
    The people that are held financially responsible for the bad decisions of the gov't have no opportunity to stop this behavior.

    First, it is morally wrong to force people to pay for the actions of others.
    Second, it is also morally wrong to not hold people accountable for their actions.
    Both of these things are at the root of continuous gov't failure and filling the swamp with people that lived in violation of those two things will insure the gov't will continue to run as it always has.

    There are despicable people working for the gov't and those same type of people work in the QFM but they have limited impact as explained above.
    But it is the underlying system of gov't that creates an environment where the same swamp predators continue to ruin the business model over and over with no accountability to themselves.
    In the QFM these predators are criminals but in the gov't they are lauded and rewarded, as Trump is doing right now.

    Essentially, the gov't business model is a failure so it is no wonder that it fails and it will continue to fail until the model is changed.
    I am not certain Trump alone can change the gov't business model so draining the swamp is basically a waste of time because the new predators will continue to destroy the bottom line the same as the old predators have. In other words, putting a new paint job on a car with a blown engine will not get you to your destination.

    I'd like to see "Trump's Complete Vehicle Repair Center" do a full ground-off rotisserie restoration of the entire gov't model based upon sound QFM principles and staffed by persons that are not experienced in swamp tactics. If he does that I and millions of other citizens will have renewed faith in the system but if he does not we will continue to carry extreme scepticism and scorn on all gov't practices.

  17. Hope is reasonable at this point, but betrayal is the way to bet. Either that, or they will simply kill him.

    In fact if you think about it, some of Trump's maneuvering might have to do with plain physical survival until he gets into the White House. I noticed his family looked kinda grim when he won on election night.


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