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Lies of Omission
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

For the People and the Nation

Let me put this another way: no one takes the three percenters seriously, because when it comes down to showing the power behind the numbers everyone employs the "it's better to prep and be prepared than to stand up and delcare oneself openly" angle.

Okay, I get that, I understand that your tribe is more important than the demonstration; that remaining hidden is better than standing up with a target on your chest.

Let me be very blunt:every great battle plan in the history of the world was good for about 2 seconds after contact with the enemy. Just because you think you know how it is all going to go down, you don't. Embrace it, do everything you can to prevent it, because when it does, you are not going to be prepared.

This is not a swipe at preppers, I don't have a beef with preppers, or survivalists, or any faction of the Patriot/Liberty movement. I'm grateful that there is one. I think whatever you are doing to prepare for the obvious is commendable and something I readily do myself, but I am not fooled into thinking that I am prepared for what is coming. I am prepared for a little bit, or the first few weeks of the festivities, but here is the crux for me: what is going to transpire in those darkest days that will steer us toward liberty?


The history of the world is one of black hearts and black deeds.If a well armed and supported squad is detailed to your location, I don't care how much ammo you have, how much food you have in storage, how deep your bunker is, one well-targeted modern system will destroy it and you and everyone you care about.

The kicker is, even if you survive and emerge from your preps unscathed, what will you be emerging to? It will be a world identical to Stalin's Soviet Union. You will be targeted as a resistor and hurried off to a death camp, because liberty and the very concept of it will have been erased decades before you went into your hole. Yes, that means a decade ago it began its inevitable march toward despotism: the world's natural order.

And, you will ask yourself, in your filthy new environs: "Where is God?"

The toughest thing for everyone in this movement to understand is that they are not the saviors, they are the sacrifice. The saviors will come later; they will be our children's children fueled by stories from us about what liberty is and why it is worth fighting and dying for, but it will not be us. They will have grown up in a world without it; hostile toward it.

I have long ago disabused myself of the notion that I will get to see the new awakening, the new thirst for liberty. It will not happen in my lifetime. Those who follow, if taught properly, will endure the holocaust of their parents and grandparents and will be fueled by vengeance and the righteousness of liberty. That alone will give them the resolve that we lack.

Liberty is not dying, it is dead. What remains is a fairy tale. The American Indian and the descendants of slaves know of this enduring pain from having lost to the irresistible force of a nation dedicated to their submission. Centuries later, the fire burns deep within for vengeance. It is this fire that will fuel our descendants in later times. God will be there for them, because they will have the resolve.

The idea of Threeper Day whether it is decided to land on 3-3 or January 11 (111) might sound a bit too little, a bit too late, but the idea, the concept of it is to give our posterity a rally cry, to give them a focal point. It is for them, the displaced, orphaned among them who know there was once a light shining on the planet brighter than all of the others. It was a moment of self-government; of ideals being greater than sheer power and force. It was greater than the depressing and oppressing dictates of the elites. There was a time when America stood as the beacon to the rest of the world, not as it is today, just one more nation among the hundreds guided by despots and gangsters. There was a time when it was ruled by those of principle, who recognized that winning was not as important as how the game was played. It was a time when losing, no matter how brutal the sting, could be seen as a victory for the people and the nation.

The struggle for America did not begin in 1776, it began much earlier in ancient Greece and Rome when the very concept of choosing a leader was formulated. Perhaps such a system comes with an expiration date. So be it. Let it also come with a renewal date.

The ultimate battle will not come between us as citizens of the United States, it will come from abroad, when we are weak and those planning our weakness are also planning our subjugation to those foreign powers. They are allied with them already, designing our defeat and securing their place in the new system. That nation as we have known it is already gone. If prepping is to be done, it should be directed toward the second revolution long after we have passed.


  1. Glad to see you back posting TL.

    One problem is we cannot all be leaders. In fact 99% of us cannot be leaders and trying to do more than prepping and giving our opinions in support of those we hope will become leaders would be just wasted effort. I have seen some good ideas and intelligent people over the years get ignored outright by the masses, if not constantly attacked. I am not sure what the magical formula is but my experiences in life have taught me that the qualities I think would make a good leader must be completely off because those I see em in rarely get the job and the patriot movement hasn't been any different in that respect.

    Or it could be that there is a hidden emotional part that simply cannot be seen. A random spark that has to be there. I don't know but whatever the case it moved me more to generational prepping or what I call sustaining.

    I am not sure I agree that this thing is going to take generations to play out however. The oppression you speak of is only possible on such a large scale due to easy cheap energy and easy debt. I already see the iron grip of oppression falling away at the edges and as it's reach lessens Liberty and Freedom takes it's place. As it stands right now the beast is killing itself. Out here in rural flyover land the easy just in time gas stations, strip malls and such are still closing up and civilization is withdrawing into itself and taking a lot of the enforced regulations with it.

    As long as we hang on and keep the fire alive inside we grow stronger day by day I think. Doesn't mean we won't eventually have to fight but don't interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

    1. Your comment has given me hope. Thank you

  2. Our country was at one time both great and greatly respected. Once. So when did it change to become the dis-respected, ruin it is today? Our Founding Fathers believed in a Higher Power. That our RIGHTS were GOD given. In the 1960's, the ToE began to be taught in our public schools. This country was great until we were taught that we are nothing more than a higher form of animal. As long as God was the main focus, we were strong, we were respected, and somewhat to be feared. How many of you remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school? Don't say it anymore as it says "...under God...". Take down those 10 Commandments as someone might read them and if they do they might follow them and if they do that must mean they believe. Heaven forbid if you pray in school, or before a football game. This country was founded on certain Godly principles. But we have let the powers that be take all that away from us and more. Now OUR children are indoctrinated in a theory from kindergarten thru collage. Those in power today are the product of that teaching, we are just a higher form of animal. Lords of the jungle. No mercy, no compassion, no justice. And we let it happen. We helped it happen. Now we reap what we sow.

    1. bare-knuckled Truth.

      PP Chaplain IIIPSA

    2. I think it started around Andrew Jackson's time when we switched our thoughts from Divine Providence to Manifest Destiny.

      Instead of us being right with God, we presumed that God walked with us. It had to start that small though.

    3. Didn't Manifest Destiny begin with the Louisiana Purchase?
      Our downfall began as a consequence of the Fourteenth Amendment and the beginning of the demise of the Constitution.

  3. Perhaps our generation(s) is the one to act. If we pass on to our posterity the preparation fro, but absence of, action, that is what they will have learned.
    The point about sacrifice, however, is quite well taken. And, in that light, for your consideration:
    "He who Leads the Charge"

  4. I entirely disagree. It is the men who yell out their defiance who demand the fight when there is no hope that inspires others to take up arms. It is in those circumstances that the tinder if lit. It is not those who remain hidden and wait for the right moment. History demonstrates that even those movements that failed, it was the one individual who stood up and said this will not stand, that I will not submit that lit the blaze that consumed nations, empires and civilizations, eventually. That is why every society, every civilization honors those who did not triump, but by their example inspired others to take up arms and stand up for their honor, freedom and individual worth.

  5. And ringing through time I hear Franklin..."a republic, if you can keep it."
    The American 'experiment' is now complete and is now rapidly being seem as a failure.
    Alas for our sins...WE shall pay.

  6. There are plenty of good reasons why God would turn his back on us. Calculate what 53% of 350 million people works out to and you will have the number.
    I do not plan to become the next "Tank Man" of Tiananmen Square, a faceless, nameless man who no one knows what happened to after the estimated 7,000 people murdered during the massacre.
    Nor do I plan to go peacefully into the night. I just hope to live as long as I can with
    what resources the Lord allows me to have.

    1. Dave,
      This country that you choose to "just hope to live as long as I can with what resources the Lord allows me to have," was not given, by that same Lord, to us to be used without the support that it needs to be maintained for our posterity. It fell upon those of that age to risk their lives to establish that gift, our birthright. It falls upon those of our age to assure that it will continue, as intended, for our posterity.
      We must either accept that obligation, or reject it. It does not come lightly, nor does it come without risk. However, those old enough to be among those who will preserve it have, already, tasted the glory that comes with being part of this great nation. Now, they must pay the toll that keeps that roadway open to others, or, well, as Adams said:
      "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."
      Speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776

  7. Seems to me that anything worth having/dreaming of is worth fighting for at least in concept. Having spent a fair amount of time in SE Asia years ago, I know war is not pretty or in the end, honorable given what one must do. Having said that, 'it' is coming to us and to that end, those with the heart and will, will do what must be done. Will not be pretty or nice: think ugly and sickening but if it is worth having, it is worth fighting for - only question is what will set 'it' off and when?

  8. Oct 25th, 2013

    Mary, Mother of Jesus speaks to a chosen soul in US:

    What has happened to America which began as the great enterprise of God? How many came to your shores, the victims of religious persecutions. They sought this new world so they could freely practice their religious beliefs. Such were the beginnings of America, a seedbed for religious hopes that soon produced a devout nation which I blessed time and time again.

    America is now a nation filled with bigotry against religion. A hatred fills its secular soul. Its hands are cupped to its ears, not wanting to hear a single religious message. Religious signs and displays are deliberately removed. Teachings that violate God’s commandments are propagated in the schools. I will not go on with this sordid list. America proclaims, “We will not be under God.” So, the great enterprise of heaven comes to a halt. The President, Congress and the Supreme Court all turn their backs.

    You had a call, America, to lead the world to God and to be a model nation of religious belief. Now, you export your abortion pill, your pornography and your weapons. Still, you wonder why you have declined. You have declined, America, because you have rejected the heavenly enterprise for which I exalted you in the first place. Your fortunes will continue to decline until you say, “Let us return to our religious beginnings and become, once again, a nation under God.”

    1. We've sold our birthright for a mess of pottage! Those who've chosen the "freebies of Gov't" over worshipping Almighty God with honor, integrity, conscience, truth and obeying His laws - which includes the, now, majority of this country have chosen their god of choice. We cannot serve 2 masters. Sadly, we still continue to chose and serve evil.


    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
    if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
    come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
    A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent.

    John Calvin


    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  10. Once again I see a lot of talk, but where are the leaders? Who stands in the spotlights and demands action? Who leads the people to demand congress and the Punk In the White House resign? Who stands in the crosshairs of tyranny ?

    1. Most of them are too busy trying to secure their own fame and recognition for having been "the beginning". If a man stands in the face of oppression and refuses to submit, he will likely not be one of those leaders you speak of. He will likely be a name in a history book, and nothing more. Leaders are not necessary to start a resistance, people willing to resist are. The leaders will be found among the willing at such time when they are most needed.

      My advice would be stop waiting for leaders who as yet are not necessary. BE he who stands firm, even if you are known only by your neighbors. The rest will come.

    2. Shawn,
      You are correct. There were leaders before Washington was appointed.
      The leaders will come from those who take aggressive action, and do so well. The will have proven, rather than spoken, their abilities.
      They are addressed in
      The Plan for Restoration of Constitutional Government"

  11. Anonymous

    No one!

  12. "Who leads the people to demand congress and the Punk In the White House resign?"

    Maybe this is a little bigger than who holds what job. Screw them...and if they have any friends, screw them too. This is on YOU, not them...the work, I mean.

    TL, they're yappin' over at WRSA about you being "defeatist." Me, I don't see it. Describing the way things are is never optimistic nor pessimistic IMO. It's just the way things are.

    Meanwhile everyone's waiting for a "leader." You do it, he'll do it, they'll do it. That's what's different this time around...there may be systems and organizations and managers and so on, but not "leaders" of the sort everyone's imagining. Y'know, the kind we've always had, the kind that makes us believe the Responsibility is theirs and not ours.

    Won't happen, cuz that's what this is about...each person leading their own damn life and accepting the Responsibility for it. It might take some monster teamwork to get it done, but that's what it's about...that and nothing else. Rightful Liberty.

    Don't lock yourself into a timeline, especially one that implies Lose. In 1884 there wasn't a single practical gasoline-powered internal combusion vehicle on the road. Take a look what happened over the next few decades: . That's the wonder of exponential growth, and we're not dealing with heavy iron and steel here. This time it's about an idea, the idea that each person ought to be free to live their own life. The Information Age brings in whole new possibilities for the spread of that idea.

    "Out-good 'em. They'll never see it coming cuz they don't know what it looks like."

  13. The "times" makes the man, the movement. We have leaders now among us, people are somewhere on a gradient from sheeple to patriot, do not despair because you may feel "alone" it's just a symptom of leadership. At some level in some activity you choose you are a leader.....right now. Everyman is a leader, now or in the future, it's a continuum of enlightenment, and activity.
    I am totally changed from 6 yrs ago, you probably are too, so are thousands of others, 10's of thousands, 100's of thousands. As the country lurches toward Tyranny more and more people are left behind, becoming "bitter clingers".
    The "times" are coming, just get ready. The tip of the spear maybe is 3%, but the logistics and support must be there for them and us.
    The ranks will fill in, and faster than you can imagine.Your job is to provide a framework and organize the arriving patriots.

  14. Warming up the hemlock on the stove? I do not agree all is lost . Nations and history can turn on a dime.

  15. I am not saying all is lost. I don't know why people want to go that far with it. I was simply saying that we lack the resolve to attack those attacking us. I proposed a simple day when we all should demonstrate our displeasure at our condition, just to DO something in the name of the III. I was trying to point out that what we are doing, i.e. prepping and training is not getting that done, it is only making us better at hiding in holes until somehow, from some piece of information we suddenly all begin to work together to work against this monstrosity.

    1. It'll happen, sure as the sun will rise. Could be Marvin Louis Guy, could be someone/something else. And when it happens, the numbers will be so overwhelming as to put a stop to it, right there and then.

      That's the way it better go anyway, else nobody here will see the other side and all the other slaves who imagine themselves free, will go off in the boxcars. The boxcars aren't for the people here; they're for the hoi poloi, ha. For us, it's only a question of caliber...on the Night of the Sweep. I say be ready for that night and make your choice now, cuz it's likely coming. It's not too tough to figure out idiot thugs. It would be much better if they'd just change their minds, but I'm not fading that action.

      The III% are the Warriors and there are probably ten times that, at least, who believe in Rightful LIberty and want to live it already. It should be a cakewalk except for the tragedy of the wasted blood, and it's important to peaceable Americans that there be as little waste as possible.

      Fear? "Fear is a liar." Go look at some vids and see who the physical enemy is, those who would come crashing into your Castle at 3 AM, because somebody somewhere told them they should, and paid them--with whose money?--to do it.. Hell, I'm no Warrior and even I take comfort at watching these guys. I'll leave some doughnuts on the front porch; maybe that'll keep 'em outside.

      The time is nigh upon us and for my money, you had a ton to do with helping good men, Warriors mostly, think straight. A lot of your readers don't even know that your specialty, at least IMO, is economics and the morality of earning your way through this life. That's all you ever wanted I think, and I think it's about all most of us really want. If this War, the War Against Tyranny, is about anything else, then it's a lose. Personally I wouldn't choose to drop myself in the middle of a War, except to WIN.

      Onward. And don't forget this unassailable logic---"Either this shit gets stopped, or it doesn't." I'll do what I can to stop it, and that's all anyone can do---IF they want it stopped, duh. The answer's in the mirror and has been there all along.

    2. Exactly T.L.

      All is not lost but we have to do something, anything rather than just talk.

      There are some excellent articles on rightful liberty written by Max Velocity at his site. I commented thinking that they were a call to action since that was what it sounded like to me and others that commented.

      When I commented on them and suggested some coursed of action I was basically smacked down by Max saying that he was not suggesting revolution and telling me to wake up.

      That is exactly the problem we are facing. Everyone is so scared of using the "R" word and making someone mad. Or saying or doing something that someone might disagree with that we all just end up sitting on our rears doing nothing but talking about what we have lost and are losing.

      As you say, we have no legitimacy. No one even knows what it is we stand for. Rightful liberty? They say what is that? We just plain SUCK at educating people and getting our message out.

      What's even worse about it is that the message we have to give is what most people really want, they just don't know it.

      I say that even most liberals would be in favor of rightful liberty for everyone if they truly understood what that meant. Most if not all the social issues would go away instantly if we could live by that concept.

      Imagine the impact we could have if we could just be even as effective as OWS was.

      Surely there is someone out there in Liberty land that has the skills to put something like that together. I'm good at big picture ideas but not so good at the organizational skills needed for something like that. I don't have to contacts to put something together or I would try. That's why I was hoping Max was serious but alas, I was mistaken, and it's just more talk.

      I sense a growing hunger for what we in the Liberty movement have to offer. It frustrates me to no end that we can't figure out a way to get it to them in a big enough way to make a difference. I honesty believe that if we can harness all the energy of the young people similar to OWS we could make a difference. Imagine 100,000 kids screaming we want our rightful liberty. That would get some attention. Heck, I'll even take 1000. 100? 10? Yep, we're pretty pathetic. God grant me some organizational skills.


  17. This is very depressing but realistic. We need to steel ourselves for what is coming and not much of it will be inspirational, uplifting or outwardly hopeful. What we have to try and remember though is the sooner it begins the sooner we will be free. No one wanted to live through the Second Great Depression (now) but we are. No one will want to go through the Third American Revolution, but we will. There is no path forward (ugh) unless it's through the fire. The sooner that fire is lit the sooner we will be able to take some action. Let the fire reign down and pray for the Lord to guide us through it. Without the Lord we are nothing.

  18. Dear TL Davis,
    You are being plagiarized often by a blogger who goes by the name of beyaself on a site called

    You may have to create a free account in order to see his posts.

    Here is just one recent example.

    If you read through his archives you will find many more. As a free lance writer and copy editor myself, I find the practice loathesome.

    A DMCA notice may be a good idea. Act fast, I have confronted him on several of his plagiarized articles, so he may delete them. If this is the case, contact Rica there, as they will remain on Blogster's server from some time after deletion.

    Thank you,

    Sabrina McMullen

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